From the Banglalink Amar tune service, you can play your favorite song to your callers. Whenever someone will call you the song you want, will be played to your callers. But if you are a Muslim, it is highly prohibited to play a song that contains music. You can play Islamic songs that do not contain music to your callers too. So please do not set any song that contains music. Banglalink Amar tune has so many songs for you that do not have any music. So you can easily use this service. Banglalink Amar tune is not a free service. It has a monthly subscription cost that you have to pay before you start using it. Today in this article we will show you the details on how you can activate this service.

Banglalink Amar Tune Code

There are three different ways you can activate the Banglalink Amartune service. There are 3 different codes actually that can activate or deactivate your Amar tune service. You can activate the Amar tune service by SMS or IVR or you can also do it via SMS. We are providing the details of the three different processes. Check it below.

How To Activate Banglalink Amar Tune Service

Activating Banglalink Amar Tune Service is very easy. You can do this from your phone. You just need to have a mobile phone and a Banglalink Sim. Let’s see the details now:

Setting banglalink amar tune

Setting Banglalink Amar tune

  • SMS: If you want to activate the Amar tune service via SMS. You have to send an SMS “Start” to 22222
  • IVR: If you want to activate or deactivate the Amar tune Service from IVR, please Call 22222
  • USSD: You can also activate or deactivate the Banglalink Amar tune service from a USSD code. And the USSD code is *2222#

Plans And Details

Banglalink Amar tune is not a free service. It costs money and there a certain validity. The subscription charge of Banglalink Amar tune service is 30 Taka per month. That means Banglalink will charge 30 TK for 30 days’ validity in Amar tune service. You can deactivate the Amar tune service at any time.

Islamic Hamd Nat in Banglalink Amartune

As a Muslim, it is highly prohibited to listen to music. So if you are a Muslim you can play some Islamic songs that have no music. There are so many beautiful Hamd Nat available in Banglalink Amar tune. I’m giving a chart in the following:

  • Amader Khali hat – Maruf: Banglalink Code: 547209
  • Bagan Vora Ful – Badhon: Banglalink Code: 547211
  • Allah Tomar Rahmater e – Shohag: Banglalink Code: 547206

You can find more Hamd Nat Code on this web page Of Hamd Nat. To set these songs in the Amar tune service, please send an SMS writing “DOWN” and then the song code, and send the SMS to 2222.

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