Grameenphone is offering many SMS packs to its customer. There are so many GP SMS pack available. And there appear new SMS packs frequently and occasionally. Today in this article, we will show you how to buy those GP SMS packs. Read this article and get to know the full process to buy a GP SMS pack and GP Flexi Plan SMS pack. The full process of the task will be provided including the GP Flexi Plan. Let us start.

GP SMS Pack Offer

Besides occasional offers, Grameenohone has 5 different SMS packages available all the time. Most of the SMS packs are Grameenphone to any operator and some of the packages only available for Gramenphone-Grameenhone. It means you can’t send SMS to another operator from GP. We’ll tell you which offer is for GP to any other operator and which are for GP-GP.

Quantity Of Pack Cost in BDT USSD Code Duration
25 SMS 1 *121*1015*2# 1 Day
100 SMS 5 *111*10*06# 3 Day
100 SMS (GP-GP) 7 *121*1015*1# 4 Day
50 SMS 2 “S3” Type to send 8426 1 Day

These offers are available all the time including at festivals. There can arrive with some new offers for a short period of time occasionally. And to get those occasional offers you have to check your mobile inbox frequently. Grameenphone often sends SMS with occasional SMS offers to its customer.

How To Buy GP SMS Pack

It’s really easy to buy any SMS pack from Grameenphone. We all know the process. But in case if you are very new follow the process.

First, dial the USSD code on your phone. Like: *121*1015*1#. Then press the call section. After that wait for 1-3 seconds. A new window will come to you. And after that, a confirmation SMS will arrive that confirms you about the SMS pack. The process is very easy and it can be done by a child too. Still, if you could not buy this pack, put a comment below, we will try to reach your comment asap.

How To Buy GP SMS By Flexi Plan

The Flexi plan allows you to buy packs according to your need. It has a very customizable system. You can buy any SMS packs in any duration using GP Flexi plan. There are some Flexi Plan packages that already customized. Check out those packages:

Quantity Cost in BDT Link to Buy
500 SMS (GP-Any) 19 Buy 500 SMS 
200 SMS (GP-Any) 11 Buy 200 SMS 
50 SMS (GP-Any) 6 Buy 50 SMS 

You can also buy more GP SMS pack from the Flexi plan from their mobile app or you can also buy GP Flexi plan packs online. Check out GP Flexi plan official website and buy your favorite GP SMS pack.

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If you feel any problem with buying a GP SMS pack, please let us know by writing a comment in the following. We are always here to help you.