This is going to be one of the most valuable articles because we collected the Internet package details, Minute package details, and SMS package details in one. You’ll find the monthly, weekly, and daily based packages of Banglalink Internet, Minute, and SMS. The exact cost, the activating process all the information you need to know is given in the following. So you do not need to go to any other place to check Banglalink all package in 2021.

Banglalink Internet Package

There are lots of internet packages available for Banglalink users in 2020. We divided those offers into monthly, weekly, and daily packages. There will be internet package price, dialing code, and details in the following. So let’s check out those exciting Banglalink internet packages in 2020.

Banglalink Monthly Internet Package

There are lot’s Monthly (30days) of packages from Banglalink for their users. We’ve found seven monthly internet package of Bangalink in 2020. Check out on these:

Package Cost Activating Process
45 GB 30 Days 999 BDT  Dial *5000*999# or Recharge 999
30 GB 30 Days  699 BDT  Dial *5000*699# or Recharge 699
18 GB 30 Days 499 BDT  Dial *5000*508# or Recharge 499
 12 GB 30 Days  399 BDT  Dial *5000*599# or Recharge 399
6 GB 30 Days  299 BDT  Dial *5000*299# or Recharge 299
3 GB 30 Days  249 BDT  Dial *5000*249# or Recharge 249
2 GB 30 Days 209 BDT Dial 5000*566# or Recharge 209

There is some special monthly package available in my Banglalink app. If you buy 12 GB at 399 BDT you can get 12 GB extra free, but the condition is you have to buy the package from my Banglalink app. There is also 6GB Bonus at 6GB at 299 BDT.

Banglalink Weekly Internet Package

Now let’s get onto weekly packages of Banglalink in 2020. There are now 8 different packages available in weekly package of Banglalink internet. Check it out in the following:

Package Cost in BDT Activating Process
18GB  199
Dial *5000*199# (50% bonus in MyBL App)
14GB 169
Dial *5000*169# (50% bonus in MyBL App)
10GB 149 Dial *5000*149# (50% bonus in MyBL App)
6GB 129
Dial *5000*577# (50% bonus in MyBL App)
3GB 108 Dial *5000*108# (50% bonus in MyBL App)
500MB 42 Dial *5000*588#
250MB 36  Not found Sorry!
150MB 26 Dial *5000*522#

50% bonus in MyBL app means that if you buy this weekly Banglalink package from MyBL app you will get half an extra bonus. Like, if you buy 6GB you are going to get 3GB free. If you still do not understand, put a comment below.

Banglalink Daily Internet Package

There are only 2 packages available in the Daily internet package section of Banglalink. There are also some 3/4 days packages available there. Let’s check out the daily packages of Banglalink internet in 2020.

Package Cost in BDT Activating Process
200 MB 3 Days 17 *5000*14#
75 MB 4 Days 13 *5000*543#
1.2 GB 41 50% bonus in MyBL App Dial *5000*41#
2.5 GB 58 50% bonus in MyBL App Dial *5000*58#
3 GB 64 50% bonus in MyBL App Dial *5000*64#

Banglalink Minute Package

Let’s turn into minute packages of Banglalink in 2020 now. There are monthly minute packages available, weekly minute packages available, and also daily and limited day minute packages available. Let’s check them all.

Banglalink Monthly Minute Package

We’ve just found 8 different monthly minute packages for Banglalink users. We’ve made a table in the following. Check here your favorite package.

Package Cost in BDT Activating Process
510 Min 307  recharge exactly Tk.307 or dial *166*307#
460 Min 297 recharge exactly Tk.297 or dial *166*297#
340 Min 207 recharge exactly Tk.207 or dial *166*207#
300 Min 197 recharge exactly Tk.197 or dial *166*197#
250 Min 157 recharge exactly Tk.157 or dial *166*157#
45 Paisa/Min * 1-sec pulse 159 recharge exactly Tk.159
230 Min 147 recharge exactly Tk.147 or dial *166*147#
1 Paisa/Sec 139 * Currently not available!

To check the balance of your Banglalink minute package, dial *121*100#. These packages are eligible for any local operator. Once the validity of this Banglalink minute package expires you can’t use the unused package anymore.

Banglalink Weekly Minute Package

Weekly packages are one of the most used by Banglalink subscribers. There are some very popular 7 days minute packages available. Look at the table below:

Package Cost in BDT Activating Process
175 Min 107 recharge exactly Tk.107 or dial *166*107#
48 Paisa/Min (1-sec pulse) *Most Popular 59 recharge exactly Tk.59
90 Min 57 recharge exactly Tk.57 or dial *166*57#
70 Min 47 recharge exactly Tk.47 or dial *166*47#
1 Paisa/sec 39 *Currently unavailable!

To check the balance of your weekly minute package of Banglalink you have to dial the same USSD code that used to check monthly packages. The code to check the balance is *121*100#. These packages are mostly liked by Banglalink customers.

Banglalink Daily Minute Package

Currently, we see no Banglalink daily minute packages available. But there are some 2 and 3 days minute packages available. So we are going to provide the details of the 2 and 3 days minute package of Banglalink.

Packages Cost in BDT Activating Process
19 Min 2 Days 12 recharge exactly Tk.12 or dial *166*211#
22 Min 2 Days 14 recharge exactly Tk.14 or dial *1100*6*3#
1 Paisa/Sec 3 Days 21 *Currently unavailable!
45 Min 3 Days 27 recharge exactly Tk.27 or dial *166*27#
48 Paisa/Min * 1-sec pulse 29 recharge exactly Tk.29

The USSD code to check the balance of your Banglalink 2 and 3 days minute package is *121*100#. These packages are eligible for any valid local operator.

Banglalink SMS Package

Now it’s time for SMS. We found 5 exciting SMS package of Banglalink in 2020. The cost is very low if you compare it with other operators. So let us check it out:

Package Cost in BDT Activating Process
500 SMS 30 Days 30 dial *166*305#
200 SMS 15 Days 15 dial *166*15#
70 SMS 7 Days 7 dial *166*770#
30 SMS 3 Days 3 dial *166*330#

You can easily check your Banglalink SMS Package balance by dialing the USSD *121*100#. These offers are eligible for Banglalink to all local operators. So you can send SMS to any operator you want from your Banglalink sim.