This article is for you if you want to know about Banglalink all service off code of 2020. Banglalink customers often face this issue. Lot’s of unnecessary services often cut off their balance without knowing the owner. This is very frustrating, and most of us don’t know how to stop all these unnecessary services in Banglalink, so our balance does not decrease automatically.

Banglalink All Services

Banglalink offers many services to its customers. Sometimes users subscribe to its particular services without knowing. And as a result, they face automatically decreasing their balance. And they don’t know what to do. There are so many services in Banglalink, such as:

  • Banglalink Local Radio
  • Sports News
  • Missed Call Alert
  • Banglalink Megamind
  • Amartune
  • and so on…

So today, we have the solution to this frustrating problem of Banglalink. There is an effortless way to stop all these services in Banglalink.  We are going to share the Banglalink all service off code in 2020.

Banglalink All Service Off Code of 2021

It’s easy to stop Banglalink’s services. There is some USSD code that is used to off their services. Different services had different USSD codes to off. First, check what kind of service they provide you that cuts your balance, and then dial this USSD code.

Banglalink All Service Stop Codes and Process

Banglalink provides many services to its users. But sometimes it becomes more important to stop unwanted services. Here is the list of all Banglalink services and their stop codes. Note out Banglalink all service off code if you need.

  • Technology News: Dial *6397*3*1*2# to deactivate technology news from Banglalink.
  • Banglalink Local Radio: For deactivating Banglalink local
    radio send an SMS writing “Stop” to 2001.
  • Missed Call Alert: For Deactivating the Missed Call Alert send SMS “Stop” to 622.
  • Hajj Portal: If you want to unsubscribe from Hajj Portal, send an SMS writing “Stop” to 2200.
  • Priyo Tune: To unsubscribe from Banglalink Priyo Tune, send an SMS “Stop” to 4000.
  • Entertainment News: Deactivate from Entertainment News Dial *6397*2*2*2#.
  • Amar Tune: To unsubscribe from AmarTune, send an SMS writing “Stop” to 2222.
  • International News: To unsubscribe and stop SMS from International News Dial *6397*6*7*1*2#.
  • Music Station: To deactivate Music Station, send an SMS “Stop” to 5858
  • Call Block: If you want to unsubscribe from Call Block, send an SMS “Stop” to 8181.
  • Sportszone Cricket Update: To deactivate from Sportszone Cricket Update, please dial
  • Sportszone Football Update: To deactivate from Sportszone Football Update, please dial *2002*2*2#.
  • Love & Fun Portal: For Deactivating Love & Fun Portal, send SMS “Stop Fun” to
  • BL Store: Dial *7076*118*2# to deactivate from Banglalink Store.
  • HiBuddy SMS Chat: Dial *2077*2# to deactivate HiBuddy SMS Chat.

All the codes will help you to stop Banglalink all services. If you still face problem after trying this process. Please leave a comment below and let us know about the problem face with Banglalink’s all service. These codes are used to stop Banglalink’s services.