If you are in an emergency situation and have no balance in your Teletalk SIM. What will you do? There is nothing to do but you can take Teletalk emergency balance at that moment immediately. So today we are here with the full process on how you can take the emergency balance in Teletalk SIM. The details and practical processes are given below. I added some screenshot for making things clear to the reader.

Teletalk Emergency Balance

Teletalk started operating in 2004. It was founded on December 26, 2004. The government of Bangladesh controls Teletalk SIM as an owner. Teletalk has a subscriber base of 4.527 million. If you are also a user of Teletalk and have run out of balance, then you can get an emergency balance immediately. Emergency balance is very important in the case of calling someone when you have not sufficient balance. Again sometimes you are to use the net but you do not have sufficient balance. At that time you can get an emergency balance and then you can buy a data package.

Process To Take Teletalk Emergency Balance

There is a code by which you can get an emergency balance. Just dial *1122# to get Teletalk emergency balance. Now we will show you step by step on how to get an emergency balance on Teletalk. Just follow the below process:
Teletalk Emergency Balance Code 2020

Then go to your contact

teletalk emergency

Dial*1122# and press the green icon

teletalk emergency

Teletalk Emergency Balance Check Code

After getting the emergency balance, you can check your emergency balance by dialing *152#.

All Emergency Balance Service

Loan Amount and Service Fees




Loan Amount, BDT Service Fee
Dial *1122#


SMS “Loan” and send to 1122

The service uses the scoring to calculate the loan amount available to the subscriber Free
Dial *1122*10#


SMS “loan 10” and send to 1122

10 0
Dial *1122*12#


SMS “loan 12” and send to 1122

12 1.53 (1.2 BDT service fee + 0.33 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*20#


SMS “loan 20” and send to 1122

20 2.55 (2 BDT service fee + 0.55 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*30#


SMS “loan 30” 1and send to 1122

30 3.83 (3 BDT service fee + 0.83 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*50#


SMS “loan 50” and send to 1122

50 6.38 (5 BDT service fee + 1.38 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*0#


SMS “Loan info” and send to 1122

Check for the subscriber’s current debt Free

Eligibility Criteria


Loan Bands (BDT) Min Days (days) Service fees (excluding VAT+SD+SC) BDT Average recharge/ Month(BDT) Recovery Attempts
10 180 0 160 On recharge
12 180 1.2 160 On recharge
20 180 2 160 On recharge
30 180 3 240 On recharge
50 180 5 400 On recharge

Look! Thus you can get an emergency balance. We think that this post was very important to you. please visit our site when you have to know suck kind of information. And if you find any mistake in this post then inform us in the comment box. Thank you so much.