Get Robi all service stop code here. Robi is one of the well-known SIM operators in our country. But often Robi users face trouble. The trouble is the automatic decrease in balance. This problem occurs when you active a Robi service and then Robi cuts your balance down for that. And there is a solution to this problem. It’s a very easy process to stop Robi from all services. And today we are here with the full details to stop Robi from providing service that costs money. This kind of service is named VAS (Value added service).

Robi All service Off Code

Robi has so many services available for their subscribers. Like, news updates, caller tune service, call block service, weather update service and so many like this.
And very often people activate this kind of VAS (value-added service) without knowing. So it is really important to stop all the services of Robi. 

Robi All Service Stop Code

The process is very easy and safe. There are some USSD codes that will help you to stop a particular service that they are providing you. And it costs your money. Check the below codes to stop these services.

To stop Robi Goongoon Service: Type “off” to 8466.
To stop Robi Internet service Dial *8999*00#.
To stop Robi Missed Call Alert dial *140*2*1*2#.
To stop Robi Phone Backup Service dial *140*2*2*6#.
To stop Robi Call Block service dial *140*2*3*6#.
To stop Robi Facebook Service, type “Stop” and send it to 32665.
To deactivate from Robi Blaast Type STOP and send it to 21291
To deactivate from Robi Voice Tube “Unsub” or ‘UNSUB’ to 808088
To deactivate from Robi Circle- Type CSTOP & send it to 8880.
To deactivate from Robi Locator Service Type “off” & send to 1818
To deactivate from Robi Daily WAP content @ TK 1- type Off and send 21290.
To deactivate from Robi Breaking News Alerts: dial *140*8*1*2*3#
To deactivate from Robi Fun Portal – “joke off” to 4636.
To deactivate from Robi Kid- Zone SMS “off” to 8543
To deactivate from Muslim Life on Robi SMS “OFF” to ‘21279’
To unsubscribe from Robi Ibadat Portal – type off and send 80807.
To unsubscribe from Robi Women Zone Service type “STOP WZ” & sent it to 8378
To unsubscribe from Robi Cricket World -Call 8274 number and follow the instruction [press 7 then press 2]To unsubscribe from Robi Shorgol (community service) To unsubscribe, SMS community Stop to 9090


You have to know what type of service you are getting from Robi. So try to know what types of service you have been activated. Then dial the USSD code to stop that exact service. Thus this process will work. And you can easily stop Robi from all services. Thank you for being here. Hope this article about Robi all service stop code works. If it doesn’t, please put a comment in the following comment section.