Bangladesh government has ordered to register one’s all SIM( not more than 15 sims) via the biometric process. According to government policy, all Bangladeshi citizens have to register their SIM. So the problem is how to check GP SIM registration. Yes, This is why today I will provide you all the information related to the topic. To get more, keep reading.

How To Check GP SIM Registration

Do you want to know how to check GP SIM registration? If yes, then you will be benefitted from the post. In this post, I will share with you detailed information about the topic. To check your GP, SIM registration follows the following steps.

  • At first, dial *16001#.
  • Then type your last four digits of your NID card.
  • Then an SMS will enter your device with your registered SIM number.

There is another process to check your SIM registration.

  • type “info” send to 4949
  • Type “Reg 17-Digit-NID-Number” send to 4949

That’s all about how to check GP SIM registration online. I hope you will have already read the whole article and got all the information you are looking for. All the information in this article is from a valid source. If you need more information about any topic related to mobile operators, inform us. Stay safe.