Are you searching for information about the train ticketing service by Robi? If yes, this article is for you. Most of the people ask us to share with them about the service. This is why today I will share with you all the information that you need to purchase a train ticket by Robi. So to get detailed information about the topic stay connected with us and keep reading patiently.

Robi Train Ticketing Service

About Train Ticketing By Robi

Robi is one of the leading mobile operators and so it all time serves some amazing services. Now Robi or non-Robi customers will be able to book train tickets without going to the railway station as well as you will not stand in the queue for a long time. And you will get the service through “RobiCash” apps or USSD (*787#) from your own mobile.


  • There is no need to go to the railway station and stand in a long line for booking a ticket.
  • Time and transportation costs will be saved.
  • It is approved by Bangladesh Railway and safe for all.
  • Hassle-free and comfortable.
  • You can confirm the e-ticket from home or the nearest RobiCash agent point
  • More than 15,000

Robi Train Ticket Purchase System

Today I will discuss with you detailed information on how to purchase a train ticket. To know all the information about the topic, keep your eyes below in the following images. All the information about ticket purchase is available here.

Steps to purchase tickets1

Steps to purchase tickets2

Steps to purchase tickets3

Steps to purchase tickets14

Steps to purchase booked tickets: How will you purchase the booked ticket are narrated in the following images. So if you want to purchase a booked ticket, follow the following instructions.


Steps to purchase booked tickets1Steps to purchase booked tickets 2

Steps to book tickets: Here all the information related to booking a train ticket is given below in the following box. So keep your eyes on the images.


Steps to book tickets:Steps to book tickets 2Steps to book tickets 3

Steps to recover lost SMS: Often people lost their SMS, In this case, what they would do is revealed here clearly via some images. So not to waste time, start to read the instructions.


Steps to recover lost SMS1

For More Details: FAQ

To get more details about the Robi Train Ticketing service click the PDF file. Robi Train Ticketing Service

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