Robi is one of the largest mobile operators in Bangladesh. Often the Roby customers want to replace their Robi SIM, and so they ask us many times about the SIM replacement process. This is why in this article I am going to sharing with you detailed information about Robi SIM Replacement.

Robi SIM Replacement Details

If you are a Robi customer and want to replace your Robi SIM, this article is for you. Today I will share with you all the processes of Robi SIM replacement. So without wasting time, let’s started.

Robi SIM Replacement Process

At first, go to a Robi customer care with some documents. The documents that you need are given below.

  • The customer’s fingerprint and NID need to match for SIM replacement.
  •  The customer needs to keep the NID number/NID Copy for replacement.
  •  SIM replacement is FREE for Robi Elite Customers.

Robi SIM Ownership Transfer

  • The previous owner and the new owner both need to be present together during ownership transfer.
  • Both sender and receivers’ fingerprints need to match with the election commission database. Otherwise, the SIM transfer would not become successful.

I hope that you have already understood what you want to do to replace your Robi SIM. This is a complete article for you to replace Robi SIM. Follow the following instruction and replace your SIM. Suppose you need any information on any topics to inform us or visit our other website. If you have any objections to the topic please inform us immediately. Please stay connected with us to get more information.