Are you facing trouble to run the internet in GP sim? If you are an android user and do not know how to set GP internet in your android device, this article is for you. Grameenphone needs proper settings in your Android device. So it is important to edit some of the settings from your phone in order to run GP internet. That is why we are here today with the full details about how you can set GP internet on your Android mobile phone. Let’s begin without talking much.

GP Internet Settings For Android Device

Grameenphone needs certain settings on your phone. Just you need to edit the access point name. APN name and something more. The process is too easy. We will be providing the exact step by step process with the image included. These images have been collected from Official Grameenphone Webpage. It was a PDF that has the details step by step process. We have collected the PDF of GP internet settings for android and converted it into the JPG image for you. Follow this image instruction and you can easily be able to edit those settings.

Step By Step Guidelines Of GP Internet Settings For Android Device

First, go to your android device’s settings option. Look at the following image. Then open Wireless and Network settings.

GP Internet Settings For Android device

Now you have to go to your phone’s mobile network settings. Go to mobile networks. And now select the Access Point Name option.

GP Internet Settings For Android device

Now You have to edit internet APN. Tap now on NEW APN and type in the under the name Internet now tap ok and after that type gpinternet. Follow the instructions on the image.

GP Internet Settings For Android device

After completing the full process these will be the view. Now you have completed the full process. Your phone’s internet has been successfully set. You can run the internet now after getting some data from Grameenhone.

GP Internet Settings For Android device

If you follow the instructions properly, we do not think there will be any problem. It is recommended to follow these images. Please do follow the instructions properly in order to set GP internet in your android device. If you still face a problem, you can let us know by commenting below. For further details, you can visit the official Grameenphone website.

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