Get Robi Goongoon code here. Robi Goongoon is a service that allows you to set a song, message, or sound for your callers. This is a very popular service in Robi. Anyone can activate the Robi Goongoon service if he is a Robi user. This service allows you to set your favorite sound for those who call you. You can set your own name and in Robi Goongoon. Sounds interesting right? Yeah, it is. But my friend if you are Muslim we do not recommend you to go for a song or a sound that contains music. Because music is highly prohibited in Islam. If you do this, we will not bear your sin. You can set Azan, Surah, or Hamd Nat or nonmusical song in your Robi Goongoon too. So let it begin. See the full details on how you can set Robi Goongoon in your Robi sim.

Robi Goongoon Code

There are some different processes and different codes to set Robi Gongoon in your sim. This is a very easy process. Anyone can do this from home by following the steps that we are going to provide in the following.

Robi Welcome Tune Through USSD

If you want to activate the Robi Welcome Tune service through the USSD service. You have to dial a USSD code from a Robi sim. And the USSD to code to set Robi Goongoon is  *8466#. After dialing into this USSD a new window will come that will contain a message from Robi Goongoon.

Through SMS

To set this service through SMS, You have to go to your phone’s message option then type ‘Reg’ and send it to 8466. Then you’ll receive a message from Robi. Now type ‘Y’ and send it to 8466 again to activate Robi Gongoon through SMS.

Through IVR

It is really easy to set this service through IVR. Just dial 8466 from your Robi sim. Then just follow the instruction they say to you. This is as easy as other ways. Anyone can set Robi Goongoon through IVR.

How to search any song through SMS

If you want to set any song through SMS, you can easily do this. First, go to your phone’s message option then type GET 1******1 and send it to 8466. Type the song code after typing ‘GET‘. It’s really easy to set any song as your caller tune in Robi. Again, my friend, I’m reminding you that music is highly prohibited in Islam. So do not set any song that contains music. If you do we are not gonna bear your sin. We hope you can set any sound or song through this method from now on.

Islamic Hamd Nat Robi Goongoon

There are some sweet Islamic songs that do not have music. You can set these songs as your welcome tune in Robi sim. I’m providing the codes below. Choose your favorite Hamd Nat.

How to STOP the service

Robi Goongoon CodeIf you want to stop Robi Goongoon service or you no longer interested in this service you can do it very easily. To stop this service, first, go to your phone’s message option and type ‘Off’ or ‘Stop’ and send it to 8466. They will send you the confirmation message that carries the final message of your unsubscription from Robi Goongoon.

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