The all-time champion Banglalink introduced the roaming offers for its all dear customers. Roaming offers such a type of service where you will get some damaging services under BL operator while you are roaming. Here I will share all the information about BL roaming offers in detail. If you are so eager to know all the information, then read the whole article patiently.

All About Banglalink Roaming

There are various types of services provided by Banglalink. I will try to discuss them all before you get a clear conception of this certain topic.

BL Roaming offer


In this topic, I will share with you all the offers that you will get while roaming. Most of the important offers are

About Roaming

Interantional Roaming

To know the Banglalink international roaming services keep reading the following information patiently. If you are a new user, you have to need the following to avail of the service.

  • BL postpaid connection with ISD facility
  • International credit card with 3 months validity for paying bills
  • Security deposit (as per company policy)

and you must need the auto-payment authorization form or photocopy of your credit card.

If you are a corporate user then, you need to sign a roaming subscription form authorizing the mobile user to avail of international roaming, and you have to agree to pay all the deposit & bills from your credit card by signing the roaming subscription form. You will not need the

  • Passport
  • National ID
  • Security Deposit

Selecting the Correct Network While Roaming

There are two types of selecting the correct network.

  • Automatic Network Selection: If your phone can take this option, then do the following,
  1. Just turn your handset on and select to select any network
  2. When your phone shows you any network of the country you are going to, your phone is ready to receive any calls.
  • Manual Network Selection: If there is any delay in finding any network, try the manual network. It is faster than others. For selecting GRE, then select it and enable it. Follow the following tips to select a network manually,

Making calls while abroad: If you want to call a land phone in the visiting country: dial <area code><phone number>

To call back to Bangladesh: dial <+88><mobile number> Example: to call 01950111111 while roaming, you have to dial +8801950111111
To call a land phone in Dhaka, Bangladesh: dial <+8802><land phone number>
Example: To call a land phone number (9888370) while roaming, you have to dial +88029888370
To call any country, dial <+><country code><phone number>
Please use the following website for any dialing tools:

Roaming rates

Roaming Rates

There are various types of roaming rates in different countries. So if you want to get all the roaming rates of all the country, then visit the following link, where you will be able to get all the roaming rate-related information in detail.

                                                                                 Roaming Rates

Bill Payment

Bill Payment Option

Banglalink’s roaming bill payment system is very simple with the ‘Auto Bill-Pay’ system. You have to fill up a form for Auto BIll-pay and all of your bill payment services you on automatically.

Auto Bill-Pay Registration Process:

  • To avail of the service, you have to sign up by signing and submitting the auto bill pay authorization form to Banglalink.
  • You have to pay the photocopy of either the National ID Card or the cardholder’s passport for verification purposes. After successful registration, the auto bill-pay service will start automatically. To start the service, it may take 48 hours.

You can pay your roaming bill via any BL customer care center via your international credit card.

Info & Tips


For any information and tips, contact the BL customer care +8801950111111. 

For more information about Banglalink Roaming Offer, visit the link. Banglalink Roaming Offer.