Teletalk, the best cellular mobile operator that has made its users’ life enjoyable and boring free. To make the Teletalk customers’ life easier, Teletalk introduced a service known as an incoming call block for its exclusive customers. Do you want to get all the information about the Teletalk incoming call block service? Then keep your eyes below.

Teletalk Incoming Call Block Service System

Most of the time some unknown people disturb us by calling our phone. It feels too boring to all. If you want to get rid of the problem, you have to follow some instructions.

If you are feeling bored and anxious when unwanted or prank calls come to the phone and you want to avoid the calls as well as block them permanently, then just dial 1515 from your mobile number and press 8.

Short Code 1515
Monthly Subscription Tk. 10.00/month

15% VAT, 15% Supplementary Duty & 1% Surcharge applicable on above tariff.

I hope you have already got it. This is the best way introduced by Teletalk to avoid unwanted calls. I hope this will be benefitted to all of my special visitors. For more information, stay with us.