GP is one of the leading mobile operators that already have introduced a GP buddy tracker for its special customers. Maybe you are here to get detailed information about the GP buddy tracker. If I am right, you are in the right place. Here I will share with you detailed information about it. So to get more, keep reading the following text.

About GP Buddy Tracker

Most of the time, we try someone via phone, but the ring keeps ringing, nobody picks up it that makes us so much worried. In this situation, the GP buddy tracker can help us by tracking our dears’ location via SMS that is only BDT 2/per 100 SMS (SD & VAT & SC applicable). Here I have gathered some important location identification codes. Keep your eyes below.

  •  To start the service, type Start < space > Your name and send it to 23020
  • To track your friend, type LOCATE<space >Friend’s number or Friend’s name and send it to 23020, and the return SMS will tell you the location of your friend. When you are registered, send an ADD request to your friends who need to accept.
  • Add a friend to your tracking list, type Add<space>friend’s number<space>friend’s name, and send it to 23020.
  • When you get an add request from your friend, to accept type Y<Friend’s mobile number >and send to 23020, to reject type N<auto generated code>and send to 23020
  • By any chance, if you want to deregister from Buddy Tracker, type Stop and send it to 23020.


  • You have to pay BDT 2/per 100 SMS (SD & VAT & SC applicable). From 101st SMS & onwards, customers will be charged BDT 2 per SMS (SD & VAT & SC applicable).

How to register

  • If you want to register your self, write START <space> your name send SMS to 23020. If you are successfully registered, you will be able to the following things.

How to add friends

  • If you want to register your self, write add <space> friend’s mobile number <space> friends name send SMS to 23020

How to accept friends request

  • If you are so much willing to accept a friend request, write Y <space> friend’s mobile number send SMS to 2302

How to find a friend’s location

  • To find a friend’s location write locate <space> friend’s mobile number or name send SMS to 23020

How to find your own location

  • To find your location write locate <space> me or self mobile number send SMS to 23020
Service Accessible To Registered User Accessible To Un-Registered users Keyword Example Description Short Code
START Yes Yes START <Your Name> START Mukit To activate Buddy Tracker Services 23020
Add Yes No ADD<space><Friend Number><space><Friend Name> ADD 017xxxxxxxx Abid To Add friend
Y(Accept) Yes Yes Y <space> friend’s mobile number Y AAAAA To accept a friend request
N(Reject) Yes Yes N <space> friend’s mobile number N AAAAA To Reject friend request
STOP Yes No STOP STOP To Deactivate Buddy Tracker Services
LOCATE Yes No LOCATE <ME> or <Friend Number> or <Friend Name> LOCATE 017xxxxxxxx To Locate a friend or yourself
HIDE Yes Yes HIDE or HIDE <Friend Number> or <Friend Name> HIDE 017xxxxxxxx To hide the location from users
SHOW Yes Yes SHOW or SHOW<space><Friend Number> or <Friend Name> SHOW 017xxxxxxx To show location from users
LIST Yes No LIST LIST To see the list of friends which I can track
LIST SHOW Yes Yes LIST<space><SHOW> LIST Show To see a list of users who are tracking me
LIST HIDE Yes Yes LIST<space><HIDE> LIST Hide To see the list of users from I kept myself hide
DELETE Yes No DELETE<space><Friend Number>or<Friend Name> DELETE Abid To delete a friend from the friend list
HELP Yes No HELP HELP To get help from customer care.
VIEW Yes No VIEW VIEW To know what are the services you subscribe to.
INFO Yes No INFO INFO To contact customer care.
INDEX Yes Yes INDEX INDEX To get the help of Buddy Tracker services.

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