Teletalk also has the same services as other sim operators of Bangladesh. Such as news update service, cricket update service, weather update service, caller tune service, call block service, religion update service, and many more. Most of the service of Teletalk is VAS SMS related. Do you want to know what VAS SMS is? Well, it is a Value Added Service SMS. They send you VAS SMS, and they cut the amount from your balance. And this is how your balance decreases.

Teletalk All Service Stop Code

Often Teletalk users face a very annoying problem. And the problem is automatically money decreasing problem. Why this problem occurs in Teletalk? Well, this is not a problem for Teletalk only. Every sim has lots of services for its customers. And they cost money for the service. And this is why your balance decreases automatically. So if you want to stop Teletalk from automatically cutting your balance down. You have to stop Teletalk from sending you their services. You have to stop the value-added services of Teletalk. We are here with the full process of how you can stop Teletalk from all services by dialing USSD codes. So Let’s start the full process.

Teletalk All Service Off Code

Teletalk has so many free services and VAS services too. And you have to stop or unsubscribe from those services separately. It is recommended to you that first, you have to locate what kind of service you are getting from Teletalk. First, get to know that. After knowing what service they are providing, follow the exact service’s exact process, and It’s done.

Teletalk All Service Stop Code । Teletalk All Service Off Code 2021 1
Teletalk all services

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Click on the image or go to the official Teletalk VAS (Value Added Service) web address and then click on any services to know the process to unsubscribe from it. Just like the image in the following:

Teletalk All Service Stop Code । Teletalk All Service Off Code 2021 2
Deactivating a service of Teletalk

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I hope this article on Teletalk’s all service stop process will help you. If it is, please leave a comment below and let us know. And if you have more questions about unsubscribing from the Teletalk VAS service, use the comment section. We will try to reach you as soon as we can. Be back again. Thank you.