If you are looking for the Skitto SIM offer of 2021, then the article suitable for you. Skitto, which is the best cellular provider network in Bangladesh. It is the most popular telecommunication mobile operator. Every day a lot of people want to know the recent offers of the SIM in many ways. Today, I will share an article where are discussed all the offers of the SIM. If you also interested in it, you have to follow the article serially until the end.

All About Skitto SIM Offer 2021

Skitto SIM provides the best affordable offers for its customers. It operates various types of offers for the customers namely by Skitto chill deals app offer, new SIM offer, Bondho SIM offer, etc. Now I am going to present here all the offers’ details with the article. If you want to collect the information, please follow the article advertently.

Skitto SIM Internet Offer | Skitto Chill Deals By App

I have given already the chill deals app offer of the SIM in the list below. To collect the information, follow the list below attentively.

Offer Net Price BDT Validity
3GB 53 3 Days
1.5GB 39 7Days
3GB 97 30Days
8GB 193 30Days
16GB 280 30Days
23GB 377 30Days

Skitto New SIM Offer 2021

Skitto is providing new offers in 2020 which are at affordable prices. You can buy any of the offers which you need. So follow the list to collect the information.

Offer Net Price BDT Validity
50MB 2 3 days
1 GB 24 3 days
3 GB 49 3 days
100MB 9 7 days
1GB 31 7 days
1.5 GB 39 7 days
1 GB 53 30 days
2 GB 79 30 days
3 GB 98 30 days
5GB 148 30 days
8GB 187 30 days
17 GB 290 30 days
25GB 388 30 days

Skitto Bondho SIM Offer 2021

If your SIM has been inactive, then you will be suitable for the Bondho SIM offer. The offer for only them, whose SIM has been inactive for three months. To get this offer you have to active your SIM quickly. So, activate your Skitto SIM and go Skitto apps for the offer.

I am going to finish the article now. In the article, I tried to add all the updated information. To get more information, please leave a comment. Keep connected with us to get any updated information on the Skitto SIM. Thank you for remaining with me in a long run and visiting the site.