Airtel Caller tune service is a similar service like Robi Goongoon. This service allows It’s users to set a specific sound to Its caller. That means, when someone calls in your Airtel Sim, they will hear the sound that you have been set for them. You can customize what you want them to listen to. But, please remember that music is prohibited in Islam. So please do not set any song that contains music. If you do set any song in Airtel Caller tune that contains music, we will not bear your sin. You can set some beautiful Islamic songs or Azan as your caller tune. We will talk about that in this article. Let us begin the details of Airtel Caller tune service.

Airtel Caller Tune Code

There are different codes and ways that activate the Airtel Caller tune in your Airtel sim. There are three ways you can activate this service. You can activate this via SMS, or via IVR or you can also dial a specific USSD code that allows you to activate this service. So Let’s see how you can do this in your Airtel sim.

How To Set Caller Tune In Airtel

If you wanna activate Airtel Caller tune via IVR. Please dial 22788 for the IVR menu. This dialing code is toll-free. That means it will not cost your sim balance when you dial this number. To set Airtel Caller tune via SMS please type CT< space >START & send SMS to 23123. That is how you can subscribe and activate the Airtek Caller tune service.

Islamic Hamd Nat in Airtel Caller tune

It is highly recommended to you that you set these music free song as your caller tune code. There are so many music free Islamic sound available for Airtel users. If you want these Hamd Nat to be your Caller tune in Airtel please use these codes. To activate with Song ID, Type CT< space >  & send SMS to 23123

  • Taufiq Dao Khoda Islame song by Koras. Airtel Code: 4751128
  • Modinar Shishura Giyechilo song by Badhon. Airtel Code: 4751096
  • Prithibir Sob Rong song by Sumon. Airtel Code: 4751126
  • More Songs

How to STOP the service

This is so very easy to stop the service. You can do this from your Airtel sim anytime. This will not charge extra money. This is free to stop the Airtel Caller tune. Follow this process so you can unsubscribe from the Airtel CT service. First, go to your mobile message option and type MT< spacec>STOP & send SMS to 23123. Thus you can stop this service easily anytime from your Airtel sim.c

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