Skitto is one of the most popular services of Grameenphone which has emerged to serve the first as well as the cheapest internet facilities basically for the students for the first time in our country. In this article, we are going to sharing information about Skitto Promo Code and how to avail Skitto promo code offer. So let’s start.

What Is Skitto Promo Code

Most of the people ask for information about the Skitto promo code. What is Skitto Promo Code? Promo codes are unique codes that you can use to buy your Skitto SIM. When you use a promo code to buy your Skitto SIM, you will get additional bonus data.

You can create a Promo code by using an invitation code from your friend who uses Skitto. If you create the code in this way, then you will get a 2 GB bonus for 30 Days.

How To Avail Skitto Promo Code Deal Offer

To avail Skitto Promo Deal Offer, at first you have to buy a Skitto SIMĀ  with the Skitto Promo Deal service. Then you have to install the Skitto app from the Google Play store. In this way, you can get the Promo SIM offer with the Promo Deal. After registration for the app go to the Skitto Promo Deal pages where you will get all the Promo deal offer codes. From the pages, you will choose your desired Skitto promo code.

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