Robi is one of the most famous SIM service providers to the youth in Bangladesh. And today’s article is all about Robi recharge internet packages. Robi is well known for its many internet offers. In 2020, Robi also has so some exciting internet offers for its users. And today we will show you some internet offers. We will write about the Recharge internet package and some Internet offers. Recharge Internet package means you have to recharge the exact amount to get the pack. Do not worry, giving an example below.

Robi Internet Offer 2021

We found some exciting internet offers for Robi users. These offers can be removed because these are not the regular packages of Robi. We fond these offers on the Official Robi website. We have collected the details of the offer and brought it to you. Check the details in the following:

Package and Validity Cost in BDT Buy
12 GB 28 Days 399 Buy Now
30 GB 30 Days 499 Buy Now 

You’ll get 40 TK cashback on the 12GB offer and you will get 45 Taka cashback in 30 GB offer. You can buy these 2 packages from Bkash too. Both postpaid and prepaid users are eligible for these 2 packages. Dial *3# to check the internet package balance.

Robi Recharge Internet Package



Now I will give some regular recharge internet package, recharge internet package actually. That means you have to recharge a certain amount to avail of these internet packs. Let’s not talk much, starting with the chart below.

Note: Recharge the exact amount of Cost in BDT to avail of this pack or if you want to buy it online, you can buy it from the link in the following chart. This link will take you to the official Robi site. Where you can buy these packs.

Package  Validity
Cost in BDT Activating Process
10 GB 28 Days 501 Tk Buy Now
5.2 GB   7 Days 129 Tk Buy Now
1.6 GB  28 Days 239 Tk Buy Now
1.5 GB 30 Days 209 Tk Buy Now
1 GB  7 Days 101 Tk Buy Now
1 GB 4 Days 48 Tk Buy Now
1 GB 3 Days 41 Tk Buy Now
500 MB  14 Days 74 Tk Buy Now
250 MB 28 Days 46 Tk Buy Now

Note: These packs are not fully 4G. There is some fix of 4G and 3G. To know more about these packages, you can visit the Robi recharge internet package webpage on their official website. To check the balance of these Robi recharge internet packages, please dial *3#. If you have more questions or if you want to know more, please put a comment below.

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