Robi’s dynamic voice mail service is one of the best services introduced by Robi. If you are a Rovi customer and want to enjoy Robi dynamic voice mail service then this article is for you. Here you will be able to get detailed information about Robi voice mail service like how to activate/deactivate it, how much you have to pay as service charge etc. So let’s get started.

Robi Dynamic Voice Mail Service

Voice Mail Service is an interactive computerized system for answering and routing phone calls. It works as a system for recording and listening to messages. Your unanswered calls are forwarded to voicemail. The caller will hear a voice SMS where he is requested to leave an SMS. You will get the SMS later.

The service will work when you are,

  • Your line is busy or
  • The call is unanswered or
  • You are unreachable

Activation Proces:

Being a very useful service most of the Robi customers are willing to activate the service on their own device. To activate the service you have to follow some instructions. All the instructions that you need to activate the service are given below.

  1.  At first, you have to go to the “Call Divert” option on your handset.
  2.  For using the voice mail service, select your preferred condition (Busy, Not Answered, or Out of reach)
  3. Activate divert for that condition to the number 8121
  4. After successful activation when a call will be forwarded to the voice mail system, a mailbox will automatically be created for your number.

Just dial 8121 to access your voice mailbox or to listen to the voice mails in your mailbox.


To get the service you have to pay the service charge. You will be charged 2 per minute with 10 seconds pulse.

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