GP voice SMS is one of the best services ever. It is very helpful for GP customers. Are you a GP customer? If yes then you have good news. GP has introduced voice SMS for all the GP customers so that they can send their voices via SMS to someone. If you want to get all the information about the topic then inform us immediately.

About GP Voice SMS

GP voice SMS is such a service where GP users get SMS related an amazing service. Now All the GP customers will be able to record their voices & greetings and send them to their close ones immediately. Usually, we all write some words and send them via SMS but now GP has invented a service named voice SMS.

Here I have shared with you some important information on how to send the voice via SMS. Don’t worry, just keep your eyes below and collect all the information about the information.

How To Send GP Voice SMS

Well, now I will share with you how to send GP voice SMS. To send GP voice SMS, you have to do are given below.

  • At first dial *01XXXXXXXX i.e dial *followed by any mobile number
  • Once dialed with the aforesaid order, you will be greeted with a Welcome Message
  • Once you hear the “beep” sound start writing. You will be able to write a maximum of two minutes.
  • Disconnect the line to send the Voice SMS or follow the IVR instruction

No more today. All the information is arranged here for you so that you will be able to get all the information that you need to send a GP voice SMS to anyone. If you need more information about the topic then inform us or visit our website. You can also share your opinion via comment. Stay connected with us.