GP is mainly very popular for all its friendly manner activities & services. In many cases, we need to lend an internet emergency balance. It is effortless for all the GP customers to have GP internet emergency balance just by dialing a simple code. For more information, keep reading.

How To Get GP Emergency Internet Balance

Do you want to have a GP emergency internet balance? But I can’t be able to have it for the lack of sufficient information. Don’t worry; I will share the detailed information about how to get GP emergency internet balance. Just keep reading patiently the below text.

To get GP emergency internet  balance simply dial *121*3021# (12MB internet loan @ Tk 5 (validity 3 days). After dialing the code, a configuration SMS will be displayed on your device screen and inform you about your emergency internet balance.

To check GP loan data remaining balance, you have to dial *121*1*4#; then, you will be informed about how much emergency internet balance remains in your account now.

That’s all about GP emergency internet balance. All the information in this article is from a valid source. So you can try any code for your emergency internet balance. If you need more information about the topic or any topic, just knock us or visit our webpages. For more information, say with us.