Grameenphone VoLTE is the latest technology in telecommunication. People can call by voice call without enabling 2G or 3G. That means VoLTE is a 4G enabled voice call technology. There are so many benefits of VoLTE technology. This is a new era of voice calling in our generation. People can now get so many benefits from this VoLTE technology. This is a 4G technology that allows users to connect calls so fast and it gives a crystal clear voice. We will talk about the benefits in detail below.

Grameenphone VoLTE

gp volte


Grameenphone VoLTE has a lot of new things to experience. This 4G based voice calling technology took voice calling to a new level. Now people who use VoLTE can call in 4G speed. And also users stay enabled in 4G coverage while calling with VoLTE technology. Let’s watch out for those exciting Benefits of Grameenphone VoLTE in the following:

Benefits of Grameenphone VoLTE

  • Fastest Call Connection: Users can connect to call in 4G speed with this technology. It will be connected so fast while voice calling.
  • Ultra HD Voice Call: The voice will be crystal clear and smooth.
  • Long Time Battery Performance: VoLTE requires a very low battery usage and that provides a long term battery life.

Requirements of Grameenphone VoLTE

This is a very new and rich service right now. You can’t use this in a normal device right now. But it can change later. Let’s see the requirements of Grameenphone VoLTE

  • 4G Coverage
  • 4G Sim
  • VoLTE Enabled Handset
  • Updated OS
  • Enabled switch

That means you need an iPhone to use Grameenphone VoLTE. Not every iPhone, there are specific models of iPhone that is enabled VoLTE right now. You can check this on the official VoLTE page of Grameenphone.

If you are not in this category, you can not use this VoLTE technology of Grameenphone. If you want to know more, put a comment below.

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