GP has introduced its user with fantastic service -GP team tracker service. This is an essential service, especially for the leader type person who leads some staff officially who primarily works in the field. GP team tracker helps the leading person to survive successfully in the competitive world. It ensures better field-force management by tracking employees through the web and managing tasks faster through both the web and SMS. With Grameenphone “Team Tracker,” you can locate your workforce and direct them towards achieving your business goals. For more information, follow the following article carefully.

Gp Team Tracker

All About GP Team Tracker Service

The present world is mainly competitive. If you want to reach your last goal, you must look into every step of your office’s officials. In these cases, the contribution of the GP team tracker service is undeniable. Grameenphone Team Tracker is an enterprise solution for business organizations that enables business managers to improve field force activity speed and quality. Through the service, you will know your workforce’s location, and you can operate them towards the goal you are looking for.

Features of the Service:

The GP team tracker features are available here that will help you get a clear conception of it. So if you want to get a clear conception, read the following features carefully.

GP Team Tracker Features

The company has to pay a service fee of BDT 300 per team member per month to consume this service. ‘Task Assign’ SMS charge is BDT 1.00 per SMS, and ‘Task Update’ SMS charge from a mobile phone is BDT 2.00/per SMS. Business houses will enjoy up to 50% discount on monthly service fees based on volume purchases.

I hope you have already read the article and got a clear conception of the GP team tracker service. The service, especially for the corporate company or any agency or NGO. If you want to get more information on the topic, inform or visit our other pages. For more information, stay with us.