Grameenhpone is one of the best mobile operators trying to serve all kinds of services to its exclusive customers to make their lives easier and comfortable. GP has already been introduced amazing GP roaming packages that serve you while roaming in foreign. Attractive Grameenphone TravelSure offer/features are available for this package. Here I will share with you GP roaming in detail. So let’s get started.

GP Roaming Packages

GP offers various types of roaming packages such as GP Standard Roaming, GP Basic Roaming, GP Data Roaming, and GP SMS Roaming. If you read the whole article properly, you will understand all the information clearly. So read the following text patiently.

GP Standard Roaming

GP Standard Roaming is of the GP roaming package, and it is only for postpaid customers. In this offer, GP TravelSure offers/features are available, and you will enjoy the voice, SMS, and data services when you are roaming. The customer can avail of “One Country, One Rate” and enjoy in-flight roaming and maritime roaming. 001

GP Basic Roaming

GP Basic roaming is for both prepaid and postpaid customers, and while roaming, you will be able to get voice and data services. Customers will get a flexible migration option and enjoy a ‘one country, one rate offer.’ For more information, keep your eyes below.


GP Data Roaming

GP Data Roaming is only for postpaid customers. There is Exclusive “Real-Time Monitoring” & “Auto-notification” service for roaming data usage with different options of “TravelSure Internet.”


GP SMS Roaming

GP SMS roaming package is both for prepaid and postpaid customers, and you will be able to get SMS services via the package. There is no migration option, and the incoming SMS service is totally free here with no security required. To enable the service, type “SR ON” and send to 27000 before leaving Bangladesh, and must type “SR OFF” and send to 27000 after arriving in Bangladesh.



  • You can migrate only to Basic roaming or Data roaming packages
  • You can migrate after 01-day from the initial roaming activation or the last migration.
  • To check the current roaming package, type “Check” and send it to 23040.

Migration process:

Migrate to Dial
Basic Roaming *121*6*6*2*1#
Standard Roaming *121*6*6*2*2#
Data Roaming *121*6*6*2*3#
To know the current package *121*6*6*2*4#

To get more information about the topic, click the link here. GP Roaming Packages.