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Details Of GP Islamic Service

Now GP provides to all the GP users who subscribe to the GP Islamic service all the Islamic related information like daily Namaz timings, Hadith Sharif & its significance, Islamic Sawal-Jabab, Life of Prophet (SM), Islamic Songs, Special Dua, Islamic event base information like Mahe Ramadan, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Eid-Ul-Adha, Hajj, Biswa Ijtema, Sab-E-Qadar, Sab-E-Meraj and so on through SMS & IVR. If you want to listen to different Islamic contents and get all the services, just dial 22200.

Subscribers can activate SMS & IVR based services by the following process:

IVR Subscription:

you can subscribe to Islamic service; you have to dial 22200 & follow the prompt instructions.


  • Subscription: BDT 2/Day (Auto-renew) (+SD+VAT+Surcharge)
  • Without Subscription: BDT 0.45/minute (+SD+VAT+Surcharge) 10 second pulse applicable
  • Live Islami Jigyasha: BDT 5/minute (+SD+VAT+Surcharge) 10-second pulse applicable

SMS Subscription:

Here I have arranged all the services in a box with their activation/deactivation code & SMS. I hope you will be benefitted a lot from the table.

Service  SMS (activation) Activation Code  SMS(deactivation)
Namaz & Hadith Alert: START<>NH send to 22321 *22321*4*1#. STOP<space >NH send to 22321
5 Times Namaz Timing Alert START <space> NA send to 22321 *22321*4*2#. STOP <space> NA send to 22321.
Religious Video START <space> RV send to 22321  *22321*4*3#. STOP <space> RV send to 22321
Amol START <space> AMOL send to 22321 *22321*4*5# STOP<space>AMOL send to 22321

Special Services:

All the special services like Ifter – Sehri Alert, Hajj Services, Ijtema Services are available here with their activation and deactivation codes. You can also activate/deactivate these services via SMS.

Services  SMS (activation) Activation Code  SMS(deactivation)
Ifter – Sehri Alert START <space> IS send to 22321 *22321*4*4*1# STOP <space> IS to 22321
Hajj Services START <space> HA send to 22321 *22321*4*4*2# STOP <space> HA to 22321
Ijtema Services START <space> IJ and send to 22321 *22321*4*4*3# STOP <space> HA to 22321
Every SMS Service Charge: Tk 2/day (+SD+VAT+Surcharge)

WAP Service:

You will get all the information about hajj, Ramadan, Namaz, Quran, Islamic Story, wallpaper, animation, and so on.

Charge: First 3 content Taka 2/day (+SD+VAT+Surcharge) and from 4th content charge will be as per content price

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