To buy any GP Internet pack, read this article. Grameenphone internet is the most used internet among other SIM companies in Bangladesh. Because they have more activated subscribers than other operators. And so many people finding GP internet packs and offers. So today we are here with exciting GP internet packs. There will be monthly internet packs, weekly internet packs, bi-weekly packs, and daily packs. And also some internet packs from GP FlexiPlan. So read out this article from beginning to end and know the details about buying a GP internet pack.

GP Internet Pack 2021

Right now, we can divide the Grameenphone Internet into three categories. Grameenphone monthly internet pack, Grameenphone’s weekly internet packs, and Grameenphone’s daily internet packs. There are some extra packs too. And there are so many temporary internet packages that arrive for a short period of time. And we are not going to talk about that. We are going to talk about those regular GP internet packs.

GP Monthly Internet Pack

We found 7 different monthly packages in GP monthly internet section. The process and the cost are provided in detail. You can also check this on the official GrameenPhone website. These are the regular package. No temporary or occasional packages added to the list. To check the GP monthly internet balance dial *121*1*4#.

Package Cost in BDT Activating Process
1 GB 189  Dial *121*3390#
3 GB 289  Dial *121*3391#
5 GB (4GB + 1GB 4G) 299  Buy From Grameenphone Online
8 GB (6GB + 2GB 4G)  399 Recharge on the exact amount of BDT 399 Tk
12 GB 498 Recharge on the exact amount of BDT 498
20 GB + Silver STAR Status 649 Dial *121*3394#
30 GB + Gold STAR Status 998 Recharge on the exact amount of BDT 998

GP Weekly Internet Pack

We found 8 different regular GP Weekly internet Packages for you. The cost and activating code are also given. Choose what’s looks the best for you. If you want to check the internet balance, please dial *121*1*4#.

Package Cost in BDT Activating Process
1 GB 86  Dial *121*3056#
1.5 GB 104  Dial *121*3344#
2 GB 129 Dial *121*3058#
4 GB 179  Dial *121*3084#
3.5 GB (2.5GB Regular + 1GB 4G) 148 Dial *121*3262#
10 GB (5GB Regular + 5GB 4G) 198 Dial *121*3133#
85 MB 37 Dial *121*3004#
Facebook Data 6 Dial *121*3023#

GP Daily Internet Pack

Grameenphone and Grameenphone’s Flexi plan has no daily packs available right now. The minimum validity of their regular internet pack is 3 days. We apologize because we found no daily internet packages of Grameenphone. But there can be some occasional daily packages available for a short period of time. the details of 3 days’ internet packages are given below.

  • 3 GB 3 Days at 69 Taka : Activation code: *121*3282#.
  • 5 MB 3 Days at 2.62 Taka: Activating Code : *121*3002#
  • 350 MB 3 Days at 33 Taka: Activation Code:*121*3083#
  • 1 GB 3 days at 46 Taka: Activation Code : *121*3399#
  • 2 GB 3 days 57 Taka: Activating Code: *121*3242#
  • 3 GB at 69 Taka: Activating Code: *121*3282#

GP Postpaid Internet Pack

Grameenphone does not have different internet packages for postpaid users. We searched a lot and found no different packs for GP postpaid users. But you can buy internet packs from My Plan or Flexi Plan. The internet offers that were provided in the up is available for all their customers. Except for Skitto users. So we are expecting that these offers are also available for GP postpaid users. The internet packages for postpaid users could be the same as prepaid.

How To Buy GP Internet Pack

This is really easy to buy internet packages. You can buy internet packages from GP Flexi Plan or you can buy dialing those USSD codes that are provided with the package. Sometimes recharging the exact amount of the internet package cost can allow you to buy that GP internet pack automatically. You can also buy a GP internet pack directly from Grameenphone’s official website. There are all the payment options available there. Such as Bank Payment, Bkash. Hope you can easily buy any of these internet pack from home.

How To Buy GP Internet By Flexi Plan

To buy GP internet from the Flexi plan. You have to download the Flexi plan mobile app. Or you can also buy this directly from their official GP Flexi Plan Website.

How To Buy GP Internet By Flexi Plan

Just tap on your favorite internet pack and select the validity and then click to buy. It is really easy and safe to use. The process of Buying the desired internet pack from the GP Flexi Plan mobile app and web app is the same.