GP Ichchhe tune is one of the best services inverted by Grameenphone to provide the GP customers more entertainment and enjoyment. Are you a GP customer? If yes, there is good news for you. Do you know GP brought Ichchhe tune for you to listen to as many as songs you like? To get more information about the topic, keep reading the following article carefully.

About GP Ichchhe Tune

I suppose you are a GP customer and come here to know detailed information about GP Ichchhe tune. If my guess becomes true, you are in the right place. Ichchhe tunes such a tune where you can listen as many as tune you like in every call. You can listen to popular songs as many as you like. You can also choose your songs from the latest Bangla, English, Instrumental, and more.

To Download Ichchhe Tunes:

Do you want to download GP Ichchhe tune? Don’t worry. Today I will share with you detailed information about how to download Ichchhe tune.

There are two options to download Ichchhe tune; one is the code option, and another is the SMS option. Both options are described here for your betterment.

Download through SMS:

The SMS downloading process is given here.

  1. At first, you have to go to the message option.
  2. Then Type IT<Space>Song Code and send to 24000
  3. The song will be added to My Gallery, and you’ll receive an SMS confirmation.

Download through IVR:

To download via Interactive Voice Response (IVR), you have to go through the process discussed here.

  1. At first, you must dial 24000 from your device.
  2. Then select option 2 for Ichchhe tune.
  3. Various categories will be listed like top songs, most popular songs, English & Bangla songs.
  4. You can select a song or add it to your bookmark to download it later.

Ichchhe Tune Copy:

If you want to copy Ichchhe tune from your GP number, you have to just dial ## when you listen to Welcome Tune on a GP number. You will get a configuration SMS after the tune has been set to your GP number.

Purchase through USSD:

To purchase Ichchhe tune, dial *24000# to get option 2 as Ichche tune.

To Deactivate Welcome Tunes Temporarily

It is impossible to deactivate GP Ichchhe tunes temporarily.

To Cancel the Service Permanently

If you want to deactivate GP Ichchhe tune permanently, you have two options. One is SMS, and another is code. Both are available below.

Through SMS:

  • At first, go to the message option and type Type IT<SPACE>Stop and send to 24000

If you permanently deactivate the service, your downloaded Ichchhe Tunes will be deactivated.

Through USSD:

There are two ways to deactivate GP Ichchhe tune.

  1. Dial *24000# and reply with 2 for Ichchhe Tune and select the Stop option to cancel the service
  2. To cancel the service, just dial *24000*2*5#. 

If you permanently deactivate the service, your downloaded Ichchhe Tunes will be deactivated.

To Randomize Your Ichchhe Tune Gallery

If you want to random your Ichchhe tune gallery, there are two ways for you; one is code, and another is SMS.

Randomize through SMS:

  • You have to visit the message option and type RANDOM<SPACE>IT & send SMS to 24000

Randomize through USSD:-

  1. Dial *24000# from the handset
  2. Select option 2 for Ichchhe Tune
  3. Press 5 to randomize your gallery.

Charges for Ichchhe Tunes Service

I have gathered here all types of charges of all Ichchhe tunes so that you can get a clear conception about it. To get detailed information about the charge for Ichchhe tune service, keep reading the following article carefully.

Subscription Fee:

(inclusive VAT, SD, and SC)

Subscription Fee Validity
32.83 Taka 30 Days
7.66 Taka 7 Days
1.09 Taka 1 Day
  • *Unlimited free tune download
  • *SMS Charge: Free
  • *IVR Charge: Free
  • *All charges are including VAT, SD, and SC

I hope you are satisfied to read the whole article.  If you want to get more information about the topic or y topic, inform us. You can also share your opinion via a comment in the box. Thanks for remaining me.