Grameenphone has introduced its users with some fantastic services. GP Call Barring is one of them. GP incoming and outcoming call barring are among them. This is a very helpful and beneficial service for GP customers. Today, I will share all the information in this article related to the topic. If you want to get details, follow the following information.

GP Incoming Call Barring Code

Some times most of the GP customer feel boring or disturbing by some unwanted calls. In his sections, the users can use the GP call barring service. By GP call barring service, all the GP subscribers can bar all incoming or outgoing calls to avoid unwanted persons. To get the service, the GP users have to dial some USSD codes. Keep reading to get all the USSD codes.

Follow these steps to prevent all outgoing calls. 

  • To active the service, dial *35*0000#
  • To disable the service, dial #35*0000#
  • A message will be displayed on your device screen. The massage is “your call barring has been activated for incoming service,” or a similar message will be shown handset to handset.

GP Outgoing Call Barring Code

If you want to prevent all the GrameenPhone outgoing calls, you must dial some USSD codes. If you don’t know what the USSD codes and the step you can get the service are, focus on the below and collect the USSD code.

Follow these steps for barring outgoing call:

  • To active the service, dial *33*0000#
  • To disable the service, dial #33*0000#
  • After dialing the specific code, an informative message will come to your mobile. The Message should be “your call barring has been activated for outgoing service,” or a similar message will be shown handset to handset.

GP SMS Call Baring Code

Here I have collected all the codes by which you can prevent all the GP SMS call barring. So follow the following principles and enjoy the services.

Follow these steps for Barring Text Message:

  • Dial *35*0000*16# to enable the service
  • Dial #35*0000*16# to disable the service

To stop all kinds of barring, just dial Dial: #330*0000#.

0000 is the default password. To change it, you have to dial **03*330*Old password* New password* New password again#

If someone wants to active the GP call barring service, you have to do the following task.

  • Go to the setting option on your device and enter the call setting option. There you will find the call barring option.
  • Use 0000 as your call barring password from enabling or disabling the service.
  • Setting> Call setting> Call Barring> Enable/Disable> use pin 0000

That’s all about the topic. I hope this is an informative article to all of my visitors. For any information, visit our other website or inform us by comment. Stay well. Thank you for reading the article, and follow us to get new tips.