Hello, are you looking for Banglalink Minute Offer Package 2020? If you are, then the article for you. Banglalink, which is the third-largest telecommunication cellular mobile network in Bangladesh. The mobile operator is a popular network because it gives the best offers for its customers. In the article, I will present here all the recent updated minute offers. If you also want to know the offer information, please follow the thesis serially till the last.

Banglalink Minute Offer Package 2021

Banglalink gives the best offer at affordable prices for its users. It provides various kinds of offer package namely by minute offers, bundle minute offers, recharge minute offers, etc. Now I am going to provide here all the offers information. To get the offer information, please follow the article attentively.

Banglalink 300 Minute Offer Package

Banglalink is providing an attractive offer. The offer is a 300 Minute offer. You can buy the offer in an easy way. If you want to get the offer, then first recharge 197 TK or dial *166*197#. After that, you will receive an SMS within a few minutes. In the message, you will get the offer and you can use the offer for the next 30 days.

  • Minute offer- 300 minutes.
  • Recharge 197 TK or dial *166*197#.
  • Validity 30 days.

Banglalink 400 Minute Offer

In addition to the 300 minutes offer, Banglalink also provides 400 minutes offer at an affordable price. If you want to get the offer, please follow the article.

  • Minute offer- 400 minutes.
  • Recharge 123 TK or dial *166*400#.
  • Validity 30 days.

Bundle Minute Offer Package

Banglalink is giving bundle minute offer package at affordable prices. I have given here all the bundle minute offer with the list below. To get the information, follow the list.

Minute bundle Price BDT Validity Activation code
25 mins 14 24 Hours *1100*3#
40 mins 25 SMS 24 3 Days *1100*4#
75 mins 50 SMS 43 7 Days *1100*5*3#
160 mins 150 SMS 93 15 Days *1100*1#
212 mins 200 SMS 123 30 Days *1100*5*2#
148 mins 148 SMS 148 30 Days *1100*5*4#

Banglalink Recharge Minute Offer

In addition, to the bundle minute offer, Banglalink provides recharge minute offers. To get the offer, price, validity, and activation code, follow the list below.

Total minutes Price BDT Validity Activation code
515 mins 297 30 days *1100*7*1#
340 mins 197 30 days *1100*1#
235 mins 137 30 days *1100*7*3#
165 mins 97 15 days *1100*2#
80 mins 47 7 days *1100*3#
40 mins 24 3 days *1100*4#
24 mins 14 2 days *1100*5#
20 mins 12 2 days *1100*6*3#
15 mins 9 2 days *1100*6*4#

Banglalink 10 Minute Package

To enjoy Banglalink 10 Minute package, follow the article.

  • 10 minutes package
  • Price 6 BDT
  • Validity 1 day
  • Dial *166*206#

I am going to complete the thesis now. In the article, I tried to add all the updated information. The information culled from a genuine source. If you think that you need any more information, then scribe a comment or visit our other pages. Thank you.