Banglalink is one of the well-known sims in Bangladesh. Banglalink’s internet is a little cheap than other sims company. The internet speed is also very good. Fast downloading, buffering free browsing all you need is there on Banglalink internet package. So today we are gonna show you some best Banglalink internet packages of 2020. So read this full article and grab that package as soon as it is been expired. In the end, there will be some exciting internet offers for you.

Banglalink Internet Package

There are many internet packages available for you if you are a Banglalink subscriber. There are daily packages, weekly packages, monthly packages and also some special packages for a few days. We’ll check it all out in the below. Let’s start with the Banglalink monthly package.

Banglalink Monthly Internet Package

There are many monthly packages available,

  • To buy 45GB 30 days at 999BDT, dial  *5000*999#. You can also have this offer by recharging 999 BDT in your Banglalink sim.
  • To buy 20GB 30 Days at 699BDT, dial ­ *5000*699#. If you recharge 699 BDT, this package will be activated automatically.
  • Get 12GB 30 Days at 299BDT by dialing *5000*508#. By recharging 499BDT in your Banglalink Sim, this package gonna be activated.
  • 7GB 30 days package at 399BDT, the code to avail this offer is *5000*599# or recharge 399 BDT.
  • To buy 3GB 30 Days at 249BDT, dial ­ *5000*249#. You can also grab this package by recharging the same amount 249 BDT.
  • To buy 2GB 30 days at 209BDT, dial ­ *5000*581#. Recharge 209BDT and the package will be activated.
  • The last monthly offer for you in 2020 is 1GB at 119BDT, dial *5000*503# or recharge the amount 119BDT.

Banglalink Weekly Internet Package

If you are interested to buy weekly Banglalink internet package, check out this below list:

  • * Buy 12GB 7 days at 129BDT by dialing *5000*577#
  • * Buy  8GB 7 days at 108BDT by dialing *5000*108#
  • Buy 10GB 7 days at 199BDT by dialing *5000*199# or you can also recharge 199BDT as well to get this offer.
  • Buy 1.5 GB 7 days at 99BDT by dialing *5000*566# 
  • Buy 1 GB 7 days at 76BDT by dialing *5000*76# or recharge 76 BDT to activate this package.

Banglalink Daily Internet Package

We are sorry to let you know that currently, Banglalink has no daily internet pack available. We’ve checked in our sim and online also but found no daily pack. So we couldn’t provide any packages here in Banglalink’s daily internet package. Check more offers in the following:

Banglalink Internet Recharge Offer

There are some very exciting Banglalink internet recharge offers available. Just recharge this below amount and get those packs.

  • Recharge 129BDT and get 12 GB
  • Recharge 108BDT and get 8 GB

These 2 are valentine’s month offers of Banglalink. These offers may not be available after February. Just be sure it is available or not if you are buying this after February 2020.

Banglalink Internet Offer New 2020

Different Banglalink subscribers get different offers daily. You have to check your messages from Banglalink that have offers for you. If you want to know the special offer you, you have to dial at *5000# and select the Amar offer option. Check out this image below:

Stay Updated Stay Cool

Special internet offer comes with limited time. So be aware and keep your eyes open all the time. We are here with the latest Banglalink and other sim offers. Keep visiting us every day. And you can also visit the Banglalink official website to get more news about exciting Banglalink internet offers of 2020.