Banglalink snow is more updated and colorful for its all valuable subscribers. Now Banglalink provides call block service. Do you know what the call block service, and how do you do it? Well, In this article, I will share with you all the information about the Banglalink call block service. To get detailed information, stay with us, keep reading the following information.

All About Banglalink Call Block Service

Banglalink call block service is such a type of service by which you will block all the callers who are unwanted and boring for you. That means, sometimes many unknown people disturb you or make a boring situation or someone with whom you don’t want to talk, you can block them so that no one can disturb you, so Banglalink brought a call block offer.

bl call block


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Subscription Charge Tk. 30 / Month. To active, the service, write an SMS “start” and send it to 8181 to subscribe to the call block service.

SMS syntax of the service

Type of command Syntax Example
To subscribe Start Start
To add the number to the blacklist. Add msisdn bl Add 0191xxxxxxx bl
To see the current blacklist. View bl View bl
To delete the number from the blacklist. Del msisdn bl Del 0191xxxxxxx bl
To add a number to the whitelist. Add msisdn wl Add 0191xxxxxxx wl
To see the current whitelist. View wl View wl
To delete a number from the whitelist. Del msisdn wl Del 0191xxxxxxx wl
To see the currently active list. View View
Switch to whitelist Switch wl Switch wl
Switch to blacklist Switch bl Switch bl
To unsubscribe Stop Stop
To know keywords Help Help
To deactivate the features. Off cf Off cf
To reactivate the features. On cf On cf
Add block Add Add
Get the filtered call log. Get Get

SMS Short Code: 8181


  • Subscription fee: Tk. 15/15 days (SD + VAT + SC will be applicable)
  • Adding a number to blacklist/whitelist: Tk. 5/number (after first 10 free numbers) (SD + VAT + SC will be applicable)
  • SMS charge applicable

I hope you have read the article from top to bottom and understand about BL call block service. I hope this information will help you block all the callers you don’t want to communicate with. If you think that it’s really a helpful article, then share it with your close. Please stay connected with us to have more updates. Thanks for visiting our webpage.