I think you are here to have information about Banglalink incoming and outgoing call details & and all codes of these services. If my guess is true, then this article is for you. In this article, you are going to having detailed information about the above topic. So no to waste time, let’s get started.

Banglalink Incoming Call Barring Code

If you want to stop or start BL incoming and outgoing call barring you have to go under process. At first, you have to dial a unique code to start/stop BL call baring.

  • If you want to start BL call barring then dial *35*0000# and
  • To stop call barring, just dialĀ  # 35*0000#. After dialing the code, the service will start/on automatically.

Banglalink Outgoing Call Barring Code

There are two simple codes to start/stop Banglalink call barring. Do you want to know the two codes? Don’t worry; keep reading patiently.

  • Call barring On code is *33*0000# and
  • Call barring Off code is # 33*0000#. After dialing the unique code, the service will on/off automatically.

That’s all about Banglalink call barring code & detailed information. I hope this article will help you in many ways to on and off the BL Call barring code. To get more information about the topic or any topic, inform us. All the information in this article is updated and from dependable sources. Thanks for staying with us.