Here I will share with you all the information about how to stop Robi GoonGoon service in your device. Do you want to get detailed information about it? If you want then this article is for you. Some customers like the Robi GoonGoon very much but not the same for all. So they try to stop the service. So if you want to stop it read the following article carefully.

How To OFF Robi Goongoon

Do you need to stop Robi GoonGoon? Don’t worry I will share with you all the process about how to stop the service. To stop Robi Goon Goon you have to dial a unique code. After dialing the code the service will stop by itself.

There are two processes to stop Robi goonGoon.  Both are given below. So focus on below.

  1. To stop Robi GoonGoon just type “Off” and send it to 8466
  2. Or, Type “STOP” and send it to 8466. Then this offer will be disappeared automatically from your device.

I hope you have already understood how to stop/off Robi GoonGoon. I have collected all the above information from some dependable sources. If you want to stop your Robi GoonGoon then follow the above steps. To get more information stay connected with us.