Airtel is a renowned mobile operator and day by day the number of new subscribers is increasing rapidly. Among them, most of the Airtel customer doesn’t know how to check Airtel SMS. Often they ask us to know about it. This is why today I will share with you all the information about how to check Airtel SMS. To get more information, keep reading.


How To Check Airtel SMS

Maybe you are an Airtel customer and come here to know information about how to check Airtel SMS/Airtel remaining SMS. If I am right then you are at the right place. Here you will get detailed information about Airtel SMS check. To check Airtel SMS, you have to dial a unique code then you will be able to check your Airtel remaining SMS.

  • The unique code isĀ  * 778 * 6 #. Just dial the code and you will be able to inform your Airtel remaining SMS.

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