Airtel, the most popular and well-reputed mobile operator in Bangladesh. Day by day the number of Airtel customers is increasing rapidly due to its amazing offers. In this year 2021, Airtel has already bought some unbelievable offers om many categories for the customers. Every day lots of customers of this operator are finding information about Airtel Internet offers 2021. This is why today I will share with you all the information related to the topic. So let’s start.

Airtel Internet Offer & All Packages

Airtel is one of the largest telecommunicating mobile operators in Bangladesh. Airtel has bought some amazing offers for the customers in 2021. Airtel Internet Offers 2021 is one of them. These offers are very profitable as well as beneficial than the previous offers ever for the customers so that the customers can choose any offers as he/she wishes. To know all Airtel Internet Offers 2021 follow the following article.

Airtel Internet Recharge Offer 2021 (Latest)

The all-time champion Airtel has offered some extraordinary Internet Offers for the customers. By which you can be benefited. I have gathered all the Internet Recharge offers here. To know details keep an eye below.

Total Minute & Validity
Net Price Active Code
500MB for 3 Days 29 Taka *123*025#
1 GB 4GB for 3 Days 22 Taka *123*022#
1.5 GB for 3 Days 38 BDT *123*038#
1.5 GB + 50 Min, 7 Days 98 Taka *123*098#
1.5 GB for 7 Days 89 Taka *123*089#
1.5 GB for 3 Days 44 BDT *123*044#
3 GB (1GB 4G), 4 days
59 Taka *123*059#
3 GB for 7 Days 104 Taka *123*104#
1 GB + 100 Min + 100 SMS 148 Taka *123*148#
2.5 GB for 3 Days 54 Taka *123*054#
1 GB FB & Ins, 30 Days 12 BDT *123*012#
1 GB Play PUBG for 30 Days 33 Taka *123*033#
2 GB for 30 Days 229 Taka *123*229#
5 GB  for 7 Days 129 Taka *123*129#
5 GB  for 10 Days 159 Taka *123*159#
6 GB for 10 Days 159 BDT *123*159#
6 GB for 7 Days 148 BDT *123*148#
7 GB for 10 Days 179 BDT *123*179#
7 GB for 30 Days 498 Taka *123*498#
10 GB for 7 Days 149 Taka *123*0199#
10 GB for 28 Days 399 Taka *121*052#
20 GB for 28 Days 599 Taka *121*053#
30 GB for 30 Days 998 Taka *123*998#

Airtel Internet Offer Check Code

Airtel is the renowned telecommunicating operator in the country. In 2020, Airtel has bought some unbelievable internet offers. Just recharge and enjoy the certain offers day and night. Most of the users of the Airtel current internet offers don’t know the Airtel Internet Offer check code. So today I will share with you all the check code of Airtel internet offers 2021.

To know Airtel Internet Offer Check Code 2020 dial *123*197# or *129*08# for 3G and *123*19# or *123*191# for 4G.

Airtel is the largest telecommunication operator. I try to share updates and correct information. So that you can get the legal and acute information from the article. I guarantee you that you must be benefited from this article if you read it carefully. If you have any objection to the article please let me know by leaving a comment below. If you need any information on any mobile operator visits our other webpages. Stay connected with us to get more information. Thanks for visiting this website.