It is effortless to stop all the unnecessary services from SIM operators in our country. In Airtel, people often face the issue of getting unnecessary service on their SIM. And thus, their balance decreases automatically, without their knowing. That’s so frustrating to happen. Because the services you do not want from Airtel are cutting your SIM balance. So we have to stop those unnecessary Airtel services now.  We are going to provide the Airtel all service off code in the following.

Airtel All Service

Airtel also has so many services like other operators. Often their customers activate the service without knowing. And they face the automatic money decreasing issue. Some of the services of Airtel are:

  • Miss Call Alert
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller Tune
  • Promotional SMS
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Weather Update
  • Jokes
  • Call Block Service
  • Airtel Cricket News
  • Religious Alert
  • Mobile Backup
  • Health and Education Service
  • and many more

If you have activated the service that you no longer want to be activated on your sim, we will show you how to stop all services in Airtel. The process is easy. You can directly stop all the services of Airtel. Or you can choose what services you want to have and what you do not want to have.

Airtel All Service Stop Code

We found 2 codes that allow Airtel users to stop all promotional SMS services and stop all VAS (Value added Service). This code was given on the official Airtel website of Bangladesh. We’ve collected the code and given it the following for you.

USSD Code Service
*7# DND (Stop/Start Promotional SMS)
*9# All VAS (Value added service) Stop request

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Airtel All Service Off Code (Separately)

This process allows you to customize your own choice. If you want to get some particular offers and unsubscribe from another, this will help you. You can stop any of the following services separately by dialing those USSD codes.

  • If you want to stop Airtel Promotional SMS Call Dial *121*9*2#.
  • If you want to stop Airtel’s facebook Update, Dial *325*22# and confirm by pressing 1.
  • If you want to stop Airtel Caller tune & My tune Service Dial *121*3*1#.
  • If you want to stop Airtel Music & entertainment /mRadio Service Dial  *121*3*2#.
  • If you want to stop Airtel Mobile Backup Service, Dial  *121*3*3#.
  • If you want to stop Airtel Miss call alert Dial Service *121*3*4#.
  • If you want to stop airtel Classified service, Dial *121*3*5#.
  • To stop Airtel Cricket News Service Dial  *121*3*6#.
  • To stop Airtel Religious alert Dial *121*3*7#.
  • To stop Airtel Health & Education SMS Service Dial *121*3*8#.
  • To stop Airtel Horoscopes Service Dial  *121*3*9#.
  • To stop Airtel News Service Dial *121*3*10#.
  • To stop Airtel Weather forecast Service Dial  *121*3*11#.
  • Top Airtel Voice mail Dial *121*3*12#.
  • To stop Airtel Intl. Roam SMS Service Dial *121*3*13#.
  • To stop Airtel Jokes SMS Service Dial *121*3*14#.
  • To stop Airtel Call Block service Dial  *121*3*15#.

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If the process to stop Airtel all service does not work for you, please comment below. We will try to reply and solve your problem as soon as possible. We hope this process will work. And you can successfully be able to stop Airtel from all unnecessary services.