You may know Teletalk is the only state-owned Transcom service provider in Bangladesh. There are different types of Teletalk SIM’s are available in the market on the basis of service. All types of Teletalk SIM’s are consist of different service facilities. Today in this article, I am going to write about the Teletalk Bornomala SIM all information. Keep reading this article attentively to collect all your essential information.

Teletalk Bornomala All Information

Here I have brought the all information about the Teletalk Bornomala SIM. According to the information of 2019, the Teletalk SIM has a total of 4.527 million subscribers. This Telecom company provides a variety of services to people from different walks of life. Among all types Taletalk SIM, the Bornomala became very popular. Because the Bornomala SIM is for college and university students. From this article you able to know almost all the information about the Taletalk Bornomala SIM. Keep your reading.

Teletalk Bornomala SIM Registration Details

It is a very common problem for some people that, how to register a Taletalk Bornomala SIM? Don’t worry if you have the same question, the Solution is here. The process of Teletalk Bornomala SIM registration is very simple. Students can apply for the Teletalk Bornomala SIM in two ways, SMS registration, and online registration. The process is given below:

SMS Registration

  • Go to the message option of your mobile
  • Write BOR<Space>your SSC board names first three letter<space>your SSC roll<space>SSC paasing  year<space>SSC registration no<space>your contact no(any operation)
  • After writing the message send it to 16222 from any Teletalk number

Example: BOR DHA 234567 2020 89786756 01789******

Online Registration

  • Open any internet browser on your smartphone
  • Search Teletalk Bornomala SIM registraion
  • You will be able to see an interface where you have to provide valuable information that they want.
  • After providing all the information click on the Next button.

Click Here To Apply Online

Teletalk Bornomala SIM Collect

While online registration, you have to set a customer-care option. After completing the details properly you will get an ID and OTP. You can buy Bornomala SIM from any Teletalk Customer Care showing this ID, OTP, and NID no.

Teletalk Bornomala Call Rate

The call rate and SMS rate of the Teletalk Bornomala SIM given in below in the form of a table. Have a look.

Particulars Rate/Min Pulse
Voice Call Rate On-net Tk. 0.30 10 Sec
Off-net Tk. 0.60
Video Call Rate On-net Tk. 0.30
SMS On-net Tk. 0.30
Off-net Tk. 0.40

Teletalk Bornomala All Package

Teletalk Bornomala SIM provides many attractive offers to the students. Below I am going to discuss all the packages of the Teletalk Bornomala SIM. To know more keep your reading.

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Package

There are some very attractive Data packages of the Teletalk Bornomala SIM. Like 1 GB internet for only TK 24 with 7 days validity, it is a very profitable package for the students. Not only that, all the Data packs of this SIM are very economical for the students. See below here I have also added the activation code of the Internet package.

Data volume Price Validity Shortcode Activation Code
1 GB Tk.24 7 Days B1 *111*611#
1 GB Tk.46 30 Days B2 *111*612#
2 GB Tk.83 30 days B3 *111*613#
3 GB Tk.62 10 days B4 *111*614#
5 GB Tk.96 15 days B5 *111*615#
10 GB Tk.186 30 days B6 *111*616#

Teletalk Bornomala Minute Package

There are some profitable minute packs available in Teletalk Bornomala SIM. All the information about these package given in below. Check it out.

Minute Price Validity Activation code
143 Minutes Tk.86 7 DAYS *111*86#
168 Min+97 SMS Tk.101 10 DAYS *111*1010#
477 Minutes Tk.287 30 DAYS *111*287#
380 Min+100 SMS+1.5GB Tk.299 30 DAYS *111*299#

Teletalk Bornomala SMS Package

Teletalk Bornomala SIM has a very beneficial SMS pack, it is 96 SMS for only 10 BDT with 5 days validity. Dial *111*10# to purchase this SMS pack.

SMS Price Network Validity Activation Code
96 Tk.10 Any Operator 5 Days *111*10#

Teletalk Bornomala Offer

The Teletalk Bornomala has many attractive offers, like recharge offers, minute offers, etc. Below detailed information about the offers has given keep reading.

Teletalk Bornomala Recharge Offer

  • Recharge TK 30 and get 30 minute (on-net), data-60MB and SMS-30(on-net) with 3 days validity.

Teletalk Bornomala Minute Offer

There are some pleasant minute offers available in Teletalk Bornomala SIM. These are in the below table. Have a look.

Offer Price Validity Activation Code
12min+15 SMS+50MB Tk.10 3 DAYS *111*101#
50min+50 SMS+500MB TK.50 5 DAYS *111*102#
100min+100 SMS+1GB TK. 100 7 Days *111*103#

All the information is taken from a valuable source. If any code doesn’t work, let me know by comment. You can also talk about your problem to the customer care of Teletalk. Dial 121 to talk with them. Stay with us to know more.