Most of the Teletalk customers have no idea how to check offers as well as other things. Here in this article, I will share with you an important topic, Teletalk All Code | Teletalk All USSD Code. To get detailed information, read the following information.

Teletalk All USSD Code 2021

Are you searching for information about Teletalk All USSD Code 2020? Don’t worry. Today I will discuss with you all the USSD Code 2020 of Teletalk. If you want to get such type of information, keep an eye below.

Teletalk Number Check Code

Most of the Teletalk users don’t know the number check code. As a result, most of the time, they in great danger. To know your Teletalk mobile number, please dial *551#.

Teletalk Balance Check Code

All the customers should know the balance check code. To check your Teletalk account balance, dial this USSD code *152# and know your balance.

Teletalk Emergency Balance Check Code

Sometimes the Teletalk users need to take and check the emergency balance. If you want to check your emergency balance, you need to dial *1122#.

Teletalk Internet/MB Balance Check Code

If you want to check the Teletalk Internet Balance, just dial *152#. Then an SMS will show your MB balance.

Teletalk Postpaid Balance Check Code

Some Teletalk users need to check Teletalk postpaid balance. But if you don’t know the check code, you can’t check your postpaid balance. Teletalk postpaid balance check code *152#.

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Teletalk Internet Package Code

Volume & Price Validity USSD Activation USSD Activation Recharge to Activate
Prepaid Postpaid
100 MB @ Tk.9 5 Days *111*501# D51 F51 Tk.9
500 MB @ Tk.26 30 Days *111*503# D82 F82 Tk.26
1.5 GB @ Tk.39 7 Days *111*513# D52 F52 Tk.39
3.5 GB @ Tk.78 10 Days *111*511# D58 F58 Tk.78
3 GB @ Tk.139 30 Days *111*531# D31 F21 Tk.139
5 GB @ Tk.201 30 Days *111*532# D20 F20 Tk.201
10 GB @ Tk.301 30 Days *111*550# D21 F22 Tk.301
20 GB @ Tk.498 30 Days *111*552# D26 F28 Tk.498
30 GB @ Tk.649 30 Days *111*553# D32 F31 Tk.649
45 GB @ Tk.849 30 Days *111*554# D33 F11 Tk.849

Teletalk Offer Check Code

All the Teletalk offers, such as Teletalk recharge offer, internet offer, and minute offer, are available here so that anyone can find any offers of them that he is looking for. If you need the information related to this topic, read the following table carefully, and collect your valuable information.

Teletalk Recharge Offer Code

Teletalk Recharge Offer Codes are given below so that you can get them easily from this article.

Volume  Price Validity USSD Activation
10 GB Tk.301 30 Days *111*550#
20 GB Tk.498 30 Days *111*552#
30 GB  Tk.649 30 Days *111*553#
45 GB Tk.849 30 Days *111*554#

Teletalk Internet Offer Check Code

Teletalk Internet Offer Check Codes are available here.

Volume Price Validity  USSD Activation
1.5 GB Tk.39 7 Days *111*513#
3.5 GB Tk.78 10 Days *111*511#
3 GB Tk.139 30 Days *111*531#
5 GB Tk.201 30 Days *111*532#

Teletalk Minute Offer Check Code

Teletalk Minute Check Codes are given below in the table.

Minute Price activation code
175+97 SMS (Oporajita) 101 *111*1010#
12+15 SMS+50 Mb(smile) 10 *111*101#
50+50 SMS+500 Mb(smile) 50 *111*102#
100+100 SMS+1Gb(smile) 100 *111*103#

Teletalk All Service Off Code

Sometimes we need  Teletalk all services off. If you want to stop Teletalk all services, then Type “STOP ALL” then send it to 335.

Teletalk Miss Call Alert/MCA Off Code

If you want to stop Telealk Miss Call Alert/MCA, Type TT<>STOP<>MCA and send it to 2455. Then the problem will be solved automatically.

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