Teletalk is one of the top-level SIM provider companies in Bangladesh. It is owned by the Bangladeshi government itself. Teletalk sim has some new exciting versions nowadays to catch more young customers. They are offering some special versions of their sim like Teletalk Bornomala, Teletalk Oporajita, Teletalk Agami, etc. Today we will write about the Teletalk Agami SIM. All information you need about the Teletalk Agami sim will be given in the following section. Stay with us to know them all.

Teletalk Agami SIM All Information

Teletalk Agami sim has so many exciting offers and packages. This is a special sim for GPA-5 students. That is why people are interested in Teletalk Agami sim nowadays. Teletalk Agami is a sub-brand of Teletalk. It is just a special version of a normal Teletalk sim. Including some special packages and offers. And today we will try to focus on that.

Teletalk Agami SIM Registration Details

There is a procedure to register Teletalk Agami sim. You have to follow the procedure correctly in order to get Teletalk Agami sim. We have collected the process of registration. And the process is given in the following for you.

Teletalk agami sim


If you do not understand English, watch out for this image. There are also shortcodes of the board that have been given. Make sure you find your own board shortcode. It is really important on registering Teletalk Agami sim.

Teletalk agami sim registration


Teletalk Agami SIM Collect

You can collect the Teletalk Agami sim at any collection point of Teletalk. You can also collect Teletalk Agami sim from Teletalk Customer care. Or there can be also some temporary collection point on the important location of a city. Keep your eyes open so you do not miss it collecting.

Note: This is not a sim for sale to everyone. You have to be a GPA-5 student and you have to register online first and get the OTP in order to collect it. And it is free of cost.

Telatalk Agami SIM Call Rate

Teletalk Agami Sim has some unique call rates and SMS rates. The call rates and SMS rate of the Teletalk Agami sim have been provided in the following. Watch out for the rate.

  • Call: 45 Paisa/Min (24 Hours)
  • Pulse: Pulse: 1 Second
  • SMS Rate: SMS: 30 Paisa (any operator)

Teletalk Agami SIM Package

Now let’s come to the very wanted part of this article. Teletalk Agami sim has so many different packages available for its customers. Let us jump on those packages now. There will be internet packages, minute packages, and some SMS packages.

Teletalk Agami Internet Package

These are the regular internet packages of Teletalk Agami Sim. We hope you can get these packages at any time. Usually, regular packages are permanent. They do not change in a short period of time. We have given all the information you need in the following section.

Data Price in BDT Validity in days Short Code Activation
1GB 22 7 A1 *111*600#
1GB 45 30 A2 *111*601#
2GB 81 30 A3 *111*602#
3GB 55 10 A4 *111*603#
5GB 91 15 A5 *111*605#
10GB 177 30 A6 *111*610#

Teletalk Agami Minute Package

We found only 2 different minute packages of Teletalk Agami. These are the regular Teletalk minute packages for all prepaid sim. The information has been provided below:

Price in BDT Quantity Validity in days To get this
86 143 7 Recharge 86 TK
287 477 3 Recharge 287 TK

Teletalk Agami SMS pack

There is no different or special SMS pack for Teletalk Agami users. We have searched but found nothing. But there is a regular SMS pack for all prepaid Teletalk SIM users. Watch out for the image in the following:

teletalk agami sms pack


To subscribe to the bundle SMS package, the prepaid subscriber will have to write TS/Ts/ts and send it to 111. Or dial *111*10#

Teletalk Agami SIM Offer

Teletalk Agami sim users can often get many exciting offers. The offers are usually temporary, they come and lasts for a few days or a week and then disappear. Offers usually take place according to any festivals. To get all the exciting offers of Teletalk Agami, often check messages from the omer care service of Teletalk.

Teletalk Agami Recharge Offer

We haven’t found any special recharge offer for Teletalk Agami users right now. But it may arrive on time. Check your message inbox frequently to avail Teltalk Recharge offer.

Teletalk Agami Internet Offer

We also failed to collect any information about Teletalk Agami’s internet offers. There are only regular packages available at this moment. But Some packages may arrive sooner or later. To know about that special internet offer of Teletalk Agami, please check your inbox frequently.

Teletalk Agami Minute Offer

There is no special minute offer for Teletalk Agami users right now. You have to buy regular Teletalk minute packages to avail yourself minutes. To get any offers at a festival please check your messages from the customer service of Teletalk frequently. So you do not miss any of their offers.