Teletalk Agami is very popular to all, especially to the students for its special offers & services. This year, Teletalk Agami has already brought some amazing offers for the students who got a GPA of 5.00. If you are one of them, then this article is for you. This article will share with you all Teletalk Agami SIM recharge offers to help you in many ways. So not to waste time, let’s get started.

About Teletalk Agami SIM Recharge Offer

Agami brought some outstanding offers for only the students who obtained a GPA of 5.00.  In this article, I will focus on only the Agami recharge offer. It will be distributed via online name registration among the students who obtained a GPA of 5.00. So if you are eligible for the offers, then keep reading the following text.

Data volume Price (Including SD, VAT &SC) Usage validity Shortcode USSD Activation
1 GB Tk.22 7 Days A1 *111*600#
1 GB Tk.45 30 Days A2 *111*601#
2 GB Tk.81 30 Days A3 *111*602#
3 GB Tk.55 10 days A4 *111*603#
5 GB Tk.91 15 days A5 *111*605#
10 GB Tk.177 30 Days A6 *111*610#

That’s all about Teletalk Agami SIM recharge offers. I hope this article will help you in many ways, and you, as well as all my dear visitors, will be most benefitted from the article. I have collected all the information from some authentic sources. Share the article without close ones. For more information stay with us. Stay safe.