Robi voice chat is really an outstanding service introduced by Robi. Maybe you are a Robi customer and come here to know all the information about voice chat. Most of the Robi customers are so much willing to enjoy the service and ask me to share with them detailed information about it. So today I will share with you details about it.

About Robi Voice Chat

Robi voice chat is such a service where you will get an opportunity to communicate with any friends all over the country and you will be able to make friends and chat with them without sharing your mobile number.

Usage Method:

  • Get registered, create your profile, and get connected with new friends you have to just dial 21280.
  • If you registered here then you will get a unique ID automatically that created by the system and you will be able to connect anyone via the service.

Special Features:

Once you registered for the service, you will be able to do anything like you can block any caller from calling you or even can log off, but not deactivate the service, to stay away for a while.

  • If you want to log out or postpone the service send LOGOUT/LO to 21280
  • To Block any caller ID from calling you to send BLOCK(space)6 digit Chat-ID to 21280
  • And to unblock dial any caller ID send UNBLOCK(space)6 digit Chat-ID


I have gathered here all the information about the various charges of all the packages. So focus on the following information given in the box.

Package Price Validity Activation Keyword De-activation Keyword Bundle Mins Auto-renewal
Monthly Pack Taka 25 30 days Start 30 Stop 30 150 Mins Yes
Bi-weekly Pack Tk. 14 15 Days Start 15 Stop 15 75 mins Yes
Weekly Pack Tk. 7 7 Days Start 7 Stop 7 35 mins Yes
Daily Pack Tk. 2 1 Day Start 1 Stop 1 8 mins Yes
Top Up 1 Tk. 1 4 mins
Top up 2 Tk. 2 8 mins

Activation/Deactivation Modality:

Here I have gathered information about Robi voice chat activation and deactivation code. So keep reading the following text carefully to get all the information properly.

Subscription Options

  • IVR user can call or subscribe to the service just dial 21280
  • To subscribe to the service SMS-user can type Startkeyword & send it to 21280 (Toll-free)
  • USSD- User can call on USSD string *21280#. Choose any pack activation by replying to the number beside the pack.

Modes of deactivation

  • To deactivate, the service IVR-user can call or write shortcode 21280 & visit the account management section
  • To deactivate the service SMS- User can type Stopkeyword or 1111 & send it to 21280 (Toll-free) to deactivate the service.
  • USSD- User can call on USSD string * 21280#.

Minute checking modality:

  • SMS: Type free min and send it to 21280. In the reply message, you will get unused mins information.

No more today, that’s all about Robi voice chat service. I always try to update the article and make the article free from mistakes. I have arranged here all the information about the mobile operators for your bitterness. Stay connected with us for more updates.