Robi is one of the leading sim company in Bangladesh. Robi SIM user can check their own sim number by dialing a USSD code: *140*2*4#. Read more for the full process. Today we will show you the code and full details. So from the next, you can easily check your Robi number whenever you forget it. Robi Number Checking Process It is really easy to check your Robi number. We’ve given the step by step details on how you can check your own number. Look out for this process below.

How To Check Robi SIM Number

To check your Robi number, you have to follow two steps. Here in the below, you will get the full process. Continue reading.

Step 1

The code to check your Robi number is *140*2*4#. Just type this code into your mobile phone. Look at this below image.

Robi Number Check | Robi Sim Number Check 2021 2

Step 2

If you have 2 sim plugged in your phone, then select robi sim while calling after typing the code *140*2*4#. Now just wait 2-5 seconds to arrive a new message. After dialing the code, the new message will arrive with your Robi sim number. Check out this screenshot.

How To Check Robi SIM Number

We are done. Now you have your Robi number on your phone. It is recommended that you memorize your own number or write it down in a notebook.