Robi internet is especially famous for the youth of Bangladesh. Robi has so many offers that attract its customer.  But besides those offers. There are some packages called regular packages. Let me explain. Regular packages stay for a long time. And the special offer internet packs of Robi are not permanent. They come for a short period of time. Basically, it is occasional. Today we will talk about the regular Robi internet packages. Internet packages for both Prepaid and Postpaid users. Let’s start this.

Robi Internet Packages for Prepaid User

These are the regular packages for Robi users. Some of these offers can be eligible for postpaid and prepaid users too. We found no codes to activate these packs on Robi’s official website. So we gave the Buy now option. You can buy these packs from the Official Robi website. To see the package details, validity and cost check the below chart.

Package and Validity Cost in BDT Activating Process
10 GB 28 Days 501 Buy Now
5.2 GB  7 Days 129 Buy Now
1.6 GB 28 Days 239 Buy Now
1.5 GB 30 Days 209 Buy Now
1 GB 7 Days 101 Buy Now
1 GB 4 Days 48 Buy Now
1 GB 3 Days 41 Buy Now
500 MB 14 Days 74 Buy Now
250 MB 28 Days 46 Buy Now

To check Robi internet packages for the prepaid user, please dial *3#. VAT, SD & SC are included in the bundle price.

Robi Internet Packages for Postpaid User

We tried to search for some special offers for prepaid internet users. But sadly, there are no special internet packages on the Robi website for prepaid users. But we found some of the Bundle packages. We hope these packages are available for prepaid users. But here some of the packages can be available for prepaid users too.

Package Details Validity and Cost Activating Process
48 GB (24 GB + 24 GB 4G), 2400 Minutes, 100SMS 30 Days  1996.09 Taka Buy Now
30 GB + 600 Minutes + 100TK Cashback

30 Days 999 Taka

Buy Now
16 GB ( 8 GB + 8 GB 4G), 1200 Minutes 100 SMS 30 Days 1063.34 Taka Buy Now
10 GB + 800 Minutes + 60TK Cashback + 100 SMS

30 Days 599 Taka

Buy Now
8 GB (4 GB + 4 GB 4G), 550 Minutes, 100 SMS

30 Days 530.34 Taka

Buy Now
7 GB + 350 Minutes + 50TK Cashback + 100 SMS
30 Days 499 Taka Buy Now
4 GB + 225 Minutes + 50 SMS + 30TK Cashback

28 Days 299 Taka

Buy Now
2 GB (1 GB +1 GB 4G) 130 Minutes +130 SMS

28 Days 251 Taka

Buy Now
2 GB + 50 Minutes + 100 SMS

7 Days 98 Taka

Buy Now

To check the Robi postpaid internet package, please dial *3#.

We have tried our best to provide regular internet packages for Robi prepaid and postpaid users. If we have mistaken something, we apologize. But please let us know by commenting below.