Robi call manager is the best unique service for Robi customers. Robi call manager is a subscribers based service where Robi users need to subscribe if he/she wants to enjoy the service. Are you a Robi user and want to enjoy this app then this article is for you? Here you will be able to get all the information like how to avail of the service via SMS, IVR, USSD, and App. And to know more about the app, keep your eyes below.

Robi call manager

About Robi Call Manager

Are you finding information about Robi call manager? Don’t worry I will provide you all the information about it. Basically, Robi call manager is a subscription-based service where you will be able to control your incoming calls and also get rid of your unwanted incoming calls instantly. The service lets you choose all the calls whom you want to contact. This service can be availed through SMS, IVR, USSD, and App. So you can subscribe to the service through any of them. You can be able to block & allow only 20 numbers.

Tariff and Validity:

To enjoy the service you have to pay for it. Here I have mentioned all the information about the tariff & validity of the service.

Pack Name Tariff in BDT Validity in days Remarks
Daily Pack 1.00 1 # Benefit of adding 20 numbers in black &/or white list as FREE. # Service is auto-renewable # All added numbers will be removed if cancel the service
2 Days Pack 2.00 2
Fortnightly Pack 14.00 15
Weekly Pack 7.00 7
Monthly Pack 25.00 30
After adding 20 numbers, an additional fee is applicable for each number 5.00 NA


  • IVR Browsing charge is free.
  • Opt-in & the opt-out charge is free
  • SMS charge to 8181 is free
  • The only package-wise subscription fee is applicable.
  • User will charge additionally for adding numbers in BL/WL after 20 successful additions.
  • Tariff excluding 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15% VAT on price inclusive of SD + 1% surcharge.

Enjoy Robi Call Manager App:

Robi has introduced the Robi call manager app by which you will be able to add all the unwanted numbers and also allow the numbers who are your close ones by the allow option. If you a subscriber, you have to install the app from the play store and login into it using the Robi number. To avail of the service, the user needs to subscribe to the service by clicking the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ option and then select the desired pack from the wide range of available packs. Manage profile, block callers, allow callers are the key feature of the app.

Robi Call Manager service on IVR:

All the Robi users will be able to subscribe to the service through IVR by dialing 8181. To subscribe to the service the Robi users have to press the exact button. For example,

  1. press 1-For Monthly subscription
  2. press 2-For Bi-weekly subscription
  3. press 3-For Weekly subscription
  4. press 4-For 2 days subscription
  5. press 5-For daily subscription

After subscribing to the service through IVR, they can enjoy the service through IVR, SMS, USSD.

Here are some important features of IVR. Keep reading patiently. 

  • press 1- For Blacklist
  • press 2-For White list
  • press 3-For Preference list
  • press 4-For SMS notification
  • press 5-To change language
  • press 6-To unregister the service

Users can cancel the service through IVR at any time by pressing 6, but the number in the black and white list will be removed as well.

Robi Call Manager service on SMS:

Through SMS Robi users can subscribe Robi call manager service. If you need more information about the topic, read the following text carefully.

Subscription through SMS:

Here I have gathered all the information about how you can avail Robi call manager service and how you subscribe in various categories via SMS.

Catagory  Type  Send to 
Daily Pack START 1 8181
2 Days Pack START 2 8181
weekly pack START 7 8181
Bi-weekly pack START 14 8181
Month Pack START 25 8181

After subscription, the user can enjoy the service at any mode of SMS, IVR, USSD, and APP.

If the user wants to use the service on SMS, then below is the SMS keyword that they need to type and send to 8181.

Robi Call Manager SMS keywords
ADDW 11 Digit mobile No Add number white list
ADDB 11 Digit mobile No Add number blacklist
DELW 11 Digit mobile No Delete the number from the white list
DELB 11 Digit mobile No Delete the number from the blacklist.
BL See blacklist
WL See White list
SWL White list Activated
SBL Blacklist Activated
OFFW The white list turned off
ONW White list turned on
OFFB Black list turned off
ONB Black list turned on
BLC Block Last Incoming call
SUSPEND to off the SCL service
SMSOFF To off the SMS Notification
SMSON To on the SMS Notification
ON to On/resume the SCL service

Robi Call Manager service on USSD:

You can avail of Robi call manager service by dialing *8181#. So if you want to avail of Robi call manager service then dial the unique code.

Subscription through USSD:

All the activation code of subscribing to various categories are available here and all the information are arranged here serially & systematically.

Offer Validity  Activation Code 
daily subscription *8181*1*5#
2 Days subscription *8181*1*4#
weekly subscription  *8181*1*3#
Bi-weekly subscription *8181*1*2#
 monthly subscription *8181*1*1#

If Robi users can dial *8181#, s/he will be able to get the below options:

  • Turn-ON/OFF SMS notification
  • Block number
  • Delete number
  • View blacklist
  • Go to whitelist menu
  • Activate whitelist
  • Suspend / on
  • Help
  • Unsubscribe

Un-subscription through USSD:

Robi users can deactivate the Robi call manager service any time at any place by dialing *8181# as well as the number in the black and white list will be removed. Here are some USSD based direct dialing codes:

Catagory  Deactivation Code
daily un-subscription *8181*10*5#
2 Days un-subscription *8181*10*4#
weekly un-subscription *8181*10*3#
Bi-weekly un-subscription *8181*10*2#
monthly un-subscription *8181*10*1#

That’s all about Robi call management. You also will get here all information on any topic related to the mobile operators. Stay connected with us for more information. Thank you.