The Mobile balance check is very important for every Mobile user. In Bangladesh, there are several mobile operators. Different people are using different operators. The operators in Bangladesh are Grameenphone(GP), Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, and Teletalk. Some it is hard to memorize all mobile operator USSD balance checking code. I am going to write this article to solve the problem.

How to Check Gp Balance

Gp is the most popular mobile operator in Bangladesh. To check your GP SIM account balance, you have to dial the following USSD Code. The process to check GP sim Balance is easy. You have to dial the USSD code on your mobile phone and press the call button by selecting the sim. Look out those images for more details:

First, go to your phone’s call dialing option and type the following USSD code:

Check Account Balance In GP, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk

Now press call by selecting GP sim. and there will be a new window that shows your GP sim balance. Just like the following image.

Check Account Balance In GP, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk

The balance checking code of GP is *566#

Robi Balance Check

Are you a Robi sim user and don’t know how to check your Robi sim balance? We are just going to write down the full process to check your Robi sim balance with just 1 easy step. There is a USSD dialing code for Robi users. You just have to write down the code on your phone and call with Robi sim. The USSD code is given below:

Robi balance checking code is *222#

Airtel Balance Check

If you want to check your Airtel sim’s balance you have to follow some easy and simple steps. The process to check all sim’s balance is the same. Just the codes are unique and different for each sim to check the sim’s balance. Airtel users have to dial the following USSD code to check their sim’s balance. The process is the same, dial up the following code and call by selecting Airtel sim. And it will not take more than 5 seconds to show your Airtel sim’s balance.

Airtel SIM balance check code is *778#

How to Check Banglalink Balance

Banglalink users can check their sim balance by dialing the following USSD code. It’s very easy to check Banglalink sim’s balance. Just type the code *124# and dial by selecting your Banglalink sim. And wait for 5 seconds. You are done. We all know how to check the balance but sometimes we forget the unique USSD code to check the balance. Remind the following code so you do not need to find it again.

To check your Banglalink balance dial the code *124#

How to Check Teletalk Balance

Teletalk subscribers have to dial another unique USSD code to checkout their sim balance. It’s all easy and very simple. Even a KG student can check your Teletalk sim balance with the code. Just have to dial up the code on your mobile phone and select the call option after dialing it. Now call by writing down the code *152# and in the next message, there will be a new window showing your Teletalk sim balance.

Dial the code *152#