Buying data from a Skitto is a bit different from buying in other sims. The Skitto is a sub-brand of Grameenphone. And Skitto is becoming a famous sim for its cheap rate of data plans. But Skitto sim requires an app to buy data. That means you have to buy data from the Skitto app. I did not found any other way to buy data from Skitto. So to buy any internet data from Skitto sim you have to buy it from their app. Today we will show the details on how you can buy data from a Skitto app.

Buy Data From Skitto SIM

First of all, you have to download an app. The app is available for OS and iOS. That means you need to have an android device or an Apple device to buy data from Skitto app. If you do not have the app. Please download this app now, before we do start.

Step By Step Process To Buy Data Pack

First, go to your Skitto app and then log in through your Skitto sim. Then you’ll see something like this below image:

How To Buy Data From Skitto SIM? 3

Now slide left to the ‘data‘ option. After sliding to the data option you’ll get so many packages. You can choose more offers by sliding left or right. There are so many offers already included there. 

How to Buy Data From Skitto Sim

Now click on the buy now option to buy a new pack. After clicking to the buy now option a new message will appear saying do you trust me. You just have to select I trust you. After that, a new confirmation message will arrive in your phone’s inbox. And that is how you can buy data packs from a Skitto sim. This process is very easy, you just need to have a smartphone.

Hope you understood the process, if you are not, it’s okay. You can put a comment complaining about what’s wrong with us on this content or you can comment also to know more about something in detail. 

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