Airtel the number one network provides roaming services across the globe. You can have any facilities from anywhere any place in the country of the world you can connect with your friends, business and other stuff easily by services. Well, in this article we will share with you how to activate Airtel roaming in Bangladesh. So let’s go.

Activate Airtel Roaming

Airtel roaming is such a type of service by which you will be able to get any services from any verse of the world. To get the services you have to activate the service. In this article, I will share with you how to activate the service, how to get the service by using the Airtel app and security deposit, etc.

How To Activate Airtel Roaming

To activate Airtel roaming you have to do

  • Fill up the form (Prepaid or Postpaid). Here is a Sample filled-up form. Here is a completed form click here.
  • Arrange the required documents:
    – Int’l Credit/Debit card both side copy (Back part signature is mandatory). US dollar endorsement should be done.
    – Passport copy of ‘Personal Information’ and ‘Dollar Endorsement’ page.
    – For corporate customers: Customer needs to fill up Authorization for Corporate/Organization subscriber portion of the IR subscription form, ensuring KAM/ERM is aligned.

Activate Postpaid International Roaming Service Using My Airtel App

If you want to Activate a postpaid international roaming service using the My Airtel App you have to go under processing. You don’t’ have to provide a long list of documents. Open My Airtel App > Go to More > Click “Roaming” > Click “Activate” > Give Required Information> Select Roaming Package > Pay in USD > Upon Successful Activation Enjoy Roaming.

Airtel Roaming Security Deposit

  • The default minimum security deposit for international roaming will be Tk5,000. The credit limit will be equal to the security deposit amount.
  • Partner bank’s credit cardholders will enjoy a zero deposit facility. The default credit limit will be TK5,000. Partner banks are:
    – Standard Chartered Bank
    – Eastern Bank Limited
    – United Commercial Bank Limited
    – City Bank Limited
  • For Prepaid, no security deposit is required. The minimum recharge amount is USD 10.

That’s all about how to activate Airtel roaming in Bangladesh. Follow the whole instruction given in the article. In this way, you will activate the Airtel roaming service. If you find any mistake in this article inform us. I hope this article will be the best article on the topic. Stay connected with us to get more information.