GP Welcome Tune, actually Grameenphone welcome tune is a kind of service that allows it’s subscribers to set a certain sound to its caller or listener. This is the definition of the GP welcome tune. That means, if you are using this service from GP whenever a person will call you, they will listen to the sound you have been set for them. But before starting, I want to tell you that it is highly prohibited to listen to music in Islam. And we do not recommend any song that has music. You can set many Islamic song and song that does not have music in the GP welcome tune too. So please do not set anything that can cause your sin. And there are so many songs and sounds without music. So let’s begin the process to set GP welcome tune.

GP Welcome Tune Code

You can set GP welcome tune in some different ways. There is a process to set this service by sending an SMS to a number. And you can also set this service by dialing an IVR and also by dialing a USSD. We will be providing the details of these three. The process is similar. Look at the following heading to know the process.

GrameenPhone Welcome Tune Through SMS

To set Grameenphone Welcome Tune through SMS, please follow the below instruction:

  • First, go to your device’s message option.
  • Now type WT<Space>Song and send it to 24000.
  • And then you’ll receive a confirmation message after completing the process.

This is a very easy process, nothing complicated. By following these steps you can activate the GP welcome tune in a minute.

GP Welcome Tune Through IVR

  • Dial 24000 from your handset.
  • Now choose the Welcome Tune option.

Before selecting songs from IVR, please be aware that you do not select any songs that have music. Please do not do this. If you do select we will not bear your sin. There are so many music free songs available. I’ll provide the song code below.

GP Welcome Tune Through My GP

  • First, go to your MY GP APP
  • If you are already registered, please do log in.
  • If you are not yet registered in MY GP APP, please do before we move on to the process of the Welcome tune.
  • After log in to the app select ‘Manage plan ‘-and then you’ll see an option of ‘Welcome Tune’.

Islamic Hamd Nat For GP Welcome Tune

I’ve already told you in the upper paragraph that I’ll provide some music free Islamic Hamd Nat for you. You can set these beautiful songs as your welcome tune in GP. Whenever someone will call you these songs will be played to them if you set.

  • Modinar Shishura Giyechilo song by singer Badhon. GP Code: 4751096
  • Taufiq Dao Khoda Islame song by singer Koras. GP Code: 4751128
  • Prithibir Sob Rong song by singer Sumon. GP Code: 4751126
  • More Islamic songs

gp welcome tune

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