This article is about the GP Number check code.  Here I will discuss how to check GP SIM number easily by just dialing a USSD. GP got its license on 28 November 1996. It got its license from the ministry of posts and telecommunications for cellular phone operations. It started its work on 26 March 1997. If you are a GP SIM user and want to know your own number, then continue reading for the full and all possible ways to know the number you are using. Hopefully, you will be benefited from this post.

GP Number Check Code & All Process Details

There are two codes to check personal Grameenphone SIM number. You can check your number by using these codes. The codes are *2#, and *111*8# Now, you will see the process step by step. If you want to know the number you are using, you have to dial *2# USSD code, and the other code is *111*8#.

gp number check


How To Check GP SIM Number

You can check your GP Number through USSD. After dialing *2# and *111*8#, Grameenphone will show your MSISDN (Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number). GP number checking code and dialing process is too easy because every person using Grameenphone SIM can check the number they are using easily.


All this information and discussion was about the GP Number check code. Checking the GP number or GP career information is too easy. Almost everyone knows that. But sometimes we forgot too silly things; It’s not because our brain is weak. It’s because our brain contains lots of taught things. So forgetting some silly USSD code doesn’t mean our memory is weak. I hope you now can easily check your GP number. Thanks a lot for being with us.